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I have naturally yellow teeth. What can I do to whiten them?

(other than getting them bleached of course)

Will baking soda work for me? Or does that only remove surface stains?


To Danny:

HI. I would like to thank you in advance for your wonderful advice. But before I get too ahead of myself I would like to say that I DO actually brush my teeth AT LEAST once a day...which in reality is probably more than you brush yours in a year. I'm happy that you are so satisfied with this aspect of your life that you think you can spot another unclean person a mile away. remember Danny:

It takes one to know one. =]

Have a nice day.

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    Many people use whitening toothpastes, as they contain more abrasive agents in the toothpaste to remove surface stains from coffee or other staining foods and agents. Baking soda has a similar effect.

    Whitening strips is a form of "bleaching", by using a lower-dose peroxide agent than what the dentist can use in their offices.

    Other than the two mentioned above, there aren't any scientifically safe & proven ways of whitening teeth.

    Naturally yellow teeth respond best to the in-office dental whitening treatments as well as home bleaching methods such as Crest Whitestrips.

    I would also recommend that you consult your dentist to examine your dental health first before you decide on which way to go about whitening your teeth because it can compromise any possible cavities or worsen any sensitivity that you might have.

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    6 years ago

    Stay away from the professional teeth whitening procedures and from the whitening at home kits. They are using extremely toxic chemicals that can cause IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE TO TOOTH ENAMEL and premature tooth decay.

    Check out this site: - It's about how you can whiten your teeth 100% naturally. Same results but 100% safe and 1000 times cheaper.

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    Do you smoke Toby? Or did you? Because that would contribute. Try whitening tooth paste and/or those white strips because they do work. Also, your DDS can do a cleaning and polishing and that should whiten then up quite a bit.

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    even me i have yellow teeth scince i born ,most of the people think that i smoke a lot i dont smoke and i never eat tobacco in my live .i dont not what to do to make my teeth white

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    By naturally yellow teeth, you should mean you had them at birth but I don't think anyone is born that way. What you can do is to brush your mouth twice a day. Use brand whitening toothpaste that are proven to work like trident, colgate etc. Whitening mouthwash is also available. Check your local drugstore. Baking soda is a good option but it doesn't work for most people. Some people complain about flaking off of their teeth and other problems. Therefore, I suggest you talk to your doctor before you do that. Flossing regularly can also help.

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    well, you could always go to the store and buy whitestrips.

    i don't think baking soda will work. but you could try getting toothpaste w/ baking soda in it. that'll helpp.


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    no such thing as naturally yellow teeth. Brush them more than once a month, that would help

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