A really good Friend is coming down for a visit and I need some help!?! PLEASE!!!!?

Okay so a friend of mine is going to visit me this summer and I haven't seen him in a while. Well I'm sort of crushing on him and I want to show him a good time. The thing is I'm still saving my money for a car and I drive my moms to get around, but he will be coming durning the week so my mom's car will be gone. How can I show him a good time with no car? My house isn't all that fun so I don't want to just stay home. I mean would the bus be okay? Help please.

Thank you.

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    Sounds like your only option, if it is your friend it shouldn't matter. If this guy is cool he won't care what you do, seriously anybody that would care isnt worth your time. The bus is fine maybe even prepare an activity at your house like some drinks outside if you have a patio or terrace. If he's visiting from far he might just want to relax for a bit and catch up. Keep it light and fun...ya never know it could even rain! If it turns out to be a bust KNOW THAT IT WASNT MEANT TO BE. most of the time I like the idea of a relationship with a person then what the actual relationship might actually be. Goodluck!

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    The bus will be fine... it's always an adventure hopping on a bus and tooling around town. You might want to even take a taxi on one of your trips!

  • um rent a car for the days you guys wanna hang out. and explain to your mom about your situation. I'm pretty sure she'll lend it to you.

    Bus is not a bad option it gives time to hang out more.

    You guys can walk too... so look around your area.

    Plan your days with him and the places where to go.

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    Take A bus ride you will have A great time you can go any where you want and it is cheap

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    1 decade ago

    The bus will be fine. If he likes you, it will be about being with you and doing things with you, not how you got there.

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    go rent a car for a couple of days........its not that much.....

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