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Do they really come if you stop looking?

They say to wait and the right person will come along

Well when I'm out and about, its hard not to think about getting girlfriend when everyone I see is with one. And if I dont look its not like a girl is going to fall in my lap

I've never had a girlfriend. I don't have any friends.

I'm down with college, and all I have is my good job that its. I don't know what to do anymore.

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    Go out! If you don't have a lot of friends at work, then join an extra-curricular activity. Join a beer league sport or the gym...whatever your heart desires. Just get out into new situations to meet people.

    Honestly, I've met guys just walking down the street. I'm not ridiculously good looking or anything out of the ordinary, but I've had guys offer me a coffee (and one guy ran up and hugged me while I was walking...very random, I don't recommend this approach. He was just like, "Can I hug you?"...I can't deny a cutie a hug!). Anyways, just get out. Go to a coffee place with a book. Go out walking. You'll meet lots of people by just leaving your house.

    Look at your neighbors. If you have a cute girl living nearby, invite her over for a BBQ. Even if she's not your type, she might have friends.

    You could try online dating...forget looking for a bride, but learn how to date and interact. Don't worry about appearances, but just invite someone, who sounds interesting out for coffee or drinks. If your online date doesn't work, then maybe she has friends, or maybe you just caught the eye of another girl. Just try going on a date. This way, when the one you really like comes around you won't look like a bumbling fool, instead you'll be suave. Dating can be so much fun.

    There's so many places to meet people. I've met guys grocery shopping!! No, seriously! I was looking for marinade and this guy noticed me lost in the marinade aisle and said, "This is the best marinade ever! You should definitely try this one!" then he asked me for coffee. So, why don't you become one of those guys and just start a conversation. Like, if you're at the grocery store and see a girl looking at plantains, ask her, "Hey, those are plantains right? I've always wondered how to cook with them!" It's really not hard. Just pretend you're confident.

    I hope this helps!! You're definitely not alone. You just need to push yourself out of your own boundaries. You'll never meet anyone if you keep the same routine every day.


    AVOID pickup lines. Unless you're drunk and she's drunk asking her if it hurt when she fell from heaven won't work. Most girls are turned off by these.

    Here's different ideas. Go downtown and walk around outside, if you see a girl you're interested in ask her, "Hey, do you know where a good coffee shop is?" and after she tells you ask, "Thank you very much. Would you like a coffee?"

    Go to a music store and ask what her favorite music is.

    Go to an outdoor concert and chat with a girl about the music.

    Go to an art show...discuss the art with a girl.

    Anyways, it sounds lame, but it definitely works!

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    U dont look for love i mean it true u keep going out with girls and meet new poeple hopeing that u find the real love with but still it not something u look for sometimes love is right infront of u and u don't see it like an old friend that u from ever u just feel that u have feelings u never had 2words her so if u look or no u'll find ur love soon or later just pray 2god 2give u some1 love u back .

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    I know you have heard it before, but trust me, it will happen when you least expect it. Don't give up.

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