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Foreclosure questions?

Okay the house we are renting is under foreclosure. The judge will appoint the sale date July 17. The owner has basically disappeared. Citimortgage said that the house would probally be auctioned off 25 days after the 17th. How many days do we have to live here until the sheriff comes? And during the foreclosure process do we have to let people see the house?

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    Wow, how neat of a question!

    Depending on the judge, a tenant usually

    has 10 days after a judgment to vacate

    but a judge may void the eviction if

    you have a lease--some judges do and

    others do not.

    YOU are under no obligation whatever

    to let ANYONE see the property prior

    to the new owner proving that he/she is

    the new owner and after that, they have

    to give you a 48 hour written notice.

    NOW, as me how you get maintenance

    and repairs handled?

    YOU have to pay for them and

    take them out of the rent money as always.

    [leases go with the properties]

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