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how to get punk room makeover, that is affordable?

Where do I shop to A: get all the stuff to make my room look like a punk room. My is the size of a half bathroom but a little bigger, in other words there is not a lot of space, only enough for a bed and a desser and a couple of shelves. I was thinking of building a bed and under that a desk. But, where should I get the stuff, I do not like some of the punk stuff at target, what other places are there?


maybe even something from ebay. not used of course

Update 2:

only problem with painting a room black is that it would not bring in enough light for such a small room

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    paint black and purple ( mostly black, a touch of purple)

  • claires,depending on where yoy live really,when i was in the scene ,i painted my room black,,and spray painted the walls and celing,your parents may not like that,ask them first,also check ebay.

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