How can i Become an actress?

i love acting...since i was like 10 years old..when im in my room i do like i am acting..u know.

and now i'm15 years old, i don't live in United States..i live in dominican republic..and here there's not a lot of chance like in USA...there's some acting school here buit i can't study i think that i have to move to i need advices??


*Sorry 4 my english!

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    You are so not alone. You would be surprised (or maybe not) at how many young girls say almost the exact same things in the same way. Sometimes I'm torn between telling them to start by getting some training and telling them to just go get a headshot and go to some casting website and start submitting. But reason wins over me and I have to tell you that if you really want to be an actress, you should first put your big rush to do it to the side and slow down. Build your base first.

    You might have heard in school when you talked about Abraham Lincoln, that he is the author of a famous quote. He said, "If I had three hours to chop down a tree, I would use the first hour to sharpen the axe."

    If you don't sharpen your axe first, there will inevitably be a time when you will have to stop chopping and sharpen it, so you might as well do it now.

    What does that mean? Get some acting training. Find a good school and a good teacher to help you learn how to act.

    While you are doing that, try and understand what it really means to be an actor, what actors do...really while they are trying to get work, how little money most actors make, why actors struggle to make ends meet and how successful actors are able to continuously get work. You need to learn business skills, networking skills, communication skills and a lot more.

    When you decide to become an actress, you are making a decision to run your own business. Now I know you are young, but if you can start to grasp these concepts now, WITH THE HELP OF YOUR PARENTS of course, you will position yourself ahead of your competition.

    On the other hand if all you ever aspire to is to work background work on Disney Channel, then don't worry too much about all that stuff I just said and just go and try and get extra work. That's fairly easy to get considering that the majority of all acting work is background work and smaller roles. But you have to know that if you really want to make a big splash as an actress, sooner or later you will need some real experience. Extra work is great in my opinion at the very beginning just to start and see how things are on set and how real actors prepare and perform and to see how set directions are given, but it will not make your career.

    The thing is, you can do both. You can go to school, take acting classes and still work as an extra while you are learning the craft.

    At any rate, have a look at this page on my website for aspiring actors. It has 23 helpful tips on different aspects of starting an acting career including what your first steps should be, 23 benefits of taking acting classes, about getting work on Disney Channel, how to get an agent, how to choose a school and industry resources you need to know about..

    Good luck!


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    I'll be blunt. You're not going to be a famous actress. The odds are terribly stacked against you. Go get lunch in LA, and you will meet more than one actress/waitress who wants to be the next star. To be honest, your odds are even worse. Now that Sandra Bullock is a star, she can be picky about what she does. An actor who has not made it big takes any and every possible role, hoping to get noticed. If that means singing on a cat food commericial, you do it. Only being in one show is not a good start. A few famous actors make big money, but the rest can't even support themselves with acting. Are you going to be the one in a million who hits it big? Probably not. If you go the medical track, you can make a good living. Even if you can't quite make it into medical school, you can go to PA school or NP school or get your MSN, and you will make a good living.

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    start with classes at school then do plays at shcool build up your resume get experience! then get an agent and if you want to be succesful it will take years of hard work slowly climbing the ladder of success but if you get a chance to do somethign big go for it!

    for agents and all the info you need go to and for the agent one click table of contents then click city nearest you. read everything on the site

    answers wont pop up infront of you so look around and click on the words in blue but not the ones that are double underlined!

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    If you're talented and your family's willing to move for this reason, absolutely go for it! You'll have many opportunities in the US if it's your true passion and you have a unique look and style.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1 in a million become actresses. But i am sooo with you i want to become a actress. and i am really confused and i dont know what to do.

    good luck.,

  • 1 decade ago

    I was going to ask the same question, and i stoped,

    so i went to answer, and you were the first question!

    weirddd huh? I think you should move to america.

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    look in the paper there lots of adds for plays and you could call and ask for information

  • move to Los Angeles, CA and take improvisation classes.

    good luck!!

  • 1 decade ago

    i want to become an actress too

  • 1 decade ago

    find an agent

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