Where are the best fishing spots in the southern half of Minnesota?

We're not having the best luck and don't have time to go way up north every weekend.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I live in North Mn.

    I'm sure there are some good fishing lakes in your area? (This is the state of 10,000 lakes! lol)

    The problem with South MN lakes, (in my opinion)? Almost all the "10,000 lakes" south of Hinckley have been fished heavily by 1,000,000 visitors and vacationers in the last week! (lol)

    4th of July puts tremendous "fishing pressure" on area lakes. Fish see every kinda lure and bait during that week!

    To counter the effect use stealthier tactics:

    #1. Use a low diameter braided line (like 4/10 Berkley Fireline/smoke color), or a fluorocarbon leader in the 6-8LB range.

    #2. Don't JUST fish the bigger gamefish! In the middle afternoon (between 12-5PM) go for some Sunny's, Pumpkinseeds, & Crappie. A simple live worm under a cork works fine, but, if your a diehard artificial lure person try using a 1/16 OZ black marabou hair-jig or a 1/16 OZ jig & chartreuse colored tube. Make sure to spray fish attractant on all lures!

    Catching panfish during the hot part of the day can make for some "fast & furious" action!

    #3. Look for offshore "humps", "shelfs", "drop-offs", and sunken islands. With all the boat traffic last week your Southern MN fish may have taken up temporary residence offshore.

    #4. Go fishing AT NIGHT! This is the BEST time to troll a lake, or cast a shoreline at night.

    Hope this helps ya? Good luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    I would fish the Mississippi River around the Twin Cities. Anywhere south of St. Cloud would be good.

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