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Am bored with my hair..i want to change it but dont know what to do, help!?

am tried of my boring hair this is me;

my hair is naturally curly, but i relaxed it before..aliitle to much! That why it dry now..

But i want somethign diffrent when igo back to school, but dont know that to do..

would carmel or a difrrent color highlight look okay?

Or a diffrent cut?

made a side bang, or bold bang?

I dont know..

thanks for any advice?


any cute idea's to style hair?

I curl it sometimes, and gell my side hair down..actually i don thsi all the time..that why my hair is broken there..would it grown back?

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    Cut it a little shorter, Highlight it with either a dark blonde or a light brown


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    get it a tad bit shorter..

    layered with side bags.

    try a brown base color with diff different shades of light browns as highlights =]

    good luck !

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    i think if your hair is curly you could do this

    and a carmal hair color whould look great!!!

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