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What do you guys think of my poem?

called-The Shadow

I seek for something that I can't touch.

it follows me around as I walk away...

It fades and comes back

At dawn it's there,at night it's gone...

I shall seek no I am getting weak,

My shadow is's fading away,

Trees make long ones,not like mine...

I seek my shadow at dawn,Is it there?

I see it I try to grab it,but it fades,away...

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    I love it. Bloody brilliant! So evocative and the imagery? Wow! Wonderful work...thank you for sharing!

  • It is a thought processed and put onto paper as a poem and in which case is not a complete waste of time (as the "kid" pronounced it in his infinite wisdom.)

    You are asking us what we think and the question is not what we think but what you think.

    Do you think that it is good? Do you like it? Does it make you feel or listen?

    Your thoughts on paper are never a waste of time and as long as you keep writing and improving our criticism or praise is not going to make you great nor a failure.

    It is a work in progress do not give up! Keep exploring through writing.

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    Sorry, but it's a complete waste of time and effort.

    Note to maddamse: No, the question was definitely what do WE think of her poem. And while my knowledge may not be 'infinite', it's pretty far-ranging, especially when it comes to knowing how to write a poem.

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    yeah that is a good poem i wish i could write that good but i can't cus i stink at writing poetry but that was really good

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