Did we win in Iraq?if we did why aren't thet troops coming home?

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    On May 1, 2003, George Bush declared "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq. So, it must be true. He's never lied to us. Oh. Wait.

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    first, Lawyer X - George Bush never claimed anything about "mission accomplished." That was a banner on a boat.

    Now to answer the questions, others have mentioned Germany, Japan, etc. What about Cuba? We kicked the Spanish out in 1898 and we still have Gitmo.

    A more reasonable answer would be to prepare Iraq to fend for itself. The US left Cambodia prematurely, which led to nearly 2 million murders. We left Iraq prematurely in 1991 and hundreds of thousands of Kurds were murdered. US troops left the South prematurely and we dealt with another 100 years of Jim Crow laws and lynchings. We left eastern Europe prematurely after WWI and then we had to deal with WWII and the Cold War as a result.

    How about we do it RIGHT this time?

  • 1 decade ago

    The third-generation war was over quickly. There is a world-wide fourth-generation war as well, and there's no end in sight. The portion of that war that's being fought in Iraq is winding down nicely, with Afghanistan flaring up as a more troublesome area, as is Pakistan. But we can't go into Pakistan. A shift is occurring, with some troops coming home, and more in a couple of months. But withdrawing them prematurely would cause more troubles, and shifting them too rapidly is also problematic.

    It's a serious mistake, though, to try to force the current operations into your idea of what wars are supposed to be. This is a new style of war, and it works under different rules from what people are used to.

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    1 decade ago

    So far, I've never heard anyone define "winning in Iraq". We're basically baby sitting a civil war. The troops need to come home and stop dying. If anyone thinks Iraq is a serious problem then they should sign up to go die in Iraq. It's interesting to hear people bash anti war people until they're called upon to go fight.

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  • 4 years ago

    If Obama wins - there's a competent danger your Boyfriend ought to return domicile faster, as they're systematically turning issues over to the Afghans to make certain that everybody would be out of there with the aid of 2014. between now and then, troops would be coming domicile in waves... as they have been for the previous countless months. If Romney wins, you're very upset. Romney disagrees with the 2014 go out date, and has indicated that he would shop the troops in Afghanistan even longer. he's likewise expressed interest in implementing protection tension intervention in Syria, Iran, and probably even China. you're boyfriend would on no account get domicile if Romney get's elected - as republicans are the ultimate conflict mongers of all. Obama is making an attempt to end those wars, and bring all of our troops lower back domicile as quickly as achieveable. Romney will in all probability get us in touch in new wars. Wars volume to rewarding company opportunities for men like Romney, in simple terms like Wars have been rewarding to vice chairman Dick Cheney.

  • 1 decade ago

    We defeated the Iraqi army, Captured Hussain, killed his

    murderous, raping sons, and set forth a Democrocy.

    Yes we Won the iraq war.

    Unfortunately, there are many factions in the region who do not want a democratic country in the middle east, Things were settling down until the Golden Mosque in Samarra was bombed in 2006, causing the civil unrest we are dealing with today.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The troops will come home when you agree to pay 20 dollars a gallon for gas. Because thats what it will cost when a rogue government takes over Iraq.

  • 1 decade ago

    We have severely limited the ability of al qaeda and other terrorists to inflict harm, but we'll still have troops there to maintain stability and to keep the Middle East in check. Because the "surge" has suceeded, the troop levels will be lower than before.

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    1 decade ago


    Honey, we won in Japan & Germany in 1945.

    When are our troops coming home from there?

    Study harder.

    (Democrats in Congress want more Free Oil from Iraq. That's why gas is so cheap.)

  • BruceN
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    1 decade ago

    Why do you think the two things are connected? We won in Germany, Japan and Korea, but we still have troops there. We lost in Vietnam and Sudan and we have no troops there.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, we won!!! Whew, and that was a close one too. I say let's make General Petraus (sp) President on Jan. 20. But we can't just pack up and leave right away, there is a little more work to do. But soon, it will be over. Our boys (and girls) did a great job!

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