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what are the Annukai???? for people who know the conspiracy. Or if you don't i will try to explain it to you.

In ancient Sumerian times there was a group of gods called the Annukai (i think i spelt that right), but they apparently were aliens from the planet Nibiru and they taught us everything that we as humans know today. They are a race or reptilian aliens that tried to take over this planet. Apparently, they created us, or so they say. They also have something to do with the 12 in 1 theory that has to do with the reason why some people can do ESP and stuff. I think that was an experiment that they did on us, but there is proof that they were here. Think about it. What is the likely-hood that the Mayans, Egyptians, Sumerians, the people of the Dogon tribe, and other people aroung the world would have the same story and that it would just be a lie??? Not likely at all.

These Aliens are also called Nephilim and there is a man that wrote an extensive book about them called Enoch.


There are some people though that have made some more connections and have concluded that these aren't real aliens, but just the real demons and satan disguising themselves as aliens to manipulate us. This group of people have also made the connection between the "aliens" and a secret society called the illuminati.

Now i know that not all of this is true, but some of it has to be.

I think that this is somehow also related to the mystery of the crystal skulls (did you see the special that was on scifi?), the lost continent of Atlantis, maybe even Shri Lanka, or even Mu. Some people suggest that Mu and Atlantis were just the cities of the Aliens and that they took off with the aliens themselves.

My only problem with this is, why did they leave???

Update 2:

I think that these are just non humans from some sort of other place that are pretending to be aliens. I just can't understand why they would give only some people these powers and how did these people come into contact with these "aliens" maybe it has to do with the 12 in 1 theory. Where are these things from? what are they?

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    that must've been one bad nightmare. I hope you went into your parents room and got snug under the covers.

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