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Could i be pregnant give me your opinion?

Hello! hope your havin a good day!, im not, me and my boyfriend had sex like 3 or 4 days before my period i was suppose to get my period on july the 3rd but i stilll havent gotten it yet, we had safe sex of course the condom didnt fail or anything but he said when he pulled out some of his spe*m came from the base and got on the inner part of my thigh but he said it didnt go inside of me maybe the fact that im stressing might have the delay on my cycle i just really dont know and im hoping that im not pregnant and scared out of my mind! so what do you think, thank you so much

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    you're not pregnant!!!!!!

    don't worry.... you ovulate about 2 weeks after your period so if you had sex 3 days before your period... you should be fine...

    go to a clinic or buy a test just to be safe... but if it only hit your thigh or the outside region of your area... you should be fine... don't stress too much.

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    Don't stress, just take a home pregnancy test.

    Since you already missed your period the result should be accurate. You can get one at the Dollar Tree store for $1 and it is just as accurate as the more expensive ones. Then you can rest easy and your period will probably come on!

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    I doubt your pregnant. Being stressed out can cause your period to come later than normal. If it still doesnt come in 2 weeks, then do a pregnancy test.

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    Not likely you are pregnant, unless there has been another time something failed.

    3-4 days before your period is not usually a time where someone could get pregnant.

    Most likely time to fall pregnant is between the 12-16th day from the time your last period started.

    Regards Racy

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    I don't think you are, however there is a possibility. Take it from someone who's been in your position, STRESSING PUTS OFF YOUR PERIOD. I was 3 weeks late, probably due to my stressing. So sit back and try to relax.

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    I think you probably have nothing to worry about because you used a condom. Your period can be delayed or even completely skipped because you're stressing.

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    If you have had your period for a long time, you probably aren't irregular anymore. You should definately go buy a pregnancy test!

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    If you have had sex then YES you could be pregnant, as NOTHING is 100% effective except for abstinence.

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    Calm down and take a pregnancy test soon. That's about all you can do.

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