What does it mean to believe in someone?

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    To trust..... to be able to feel relief.....and to be able to know that this person can be your looking up to.....it's like their your idol.....

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    Believing In Someone

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    When someone says "I believe in you" in the truest sense of the word it means, the individual in question will ignore surrounding circumstance and overcome adversity.

    Now this is rather a hard feat to accomplish simply because we are habitual creatures by nature. We accept our immediate circumstance as truth. So when someone says they believe in you, they're asking you to separate yourself from the current situation in order to merge into a new reality, a reality free from this dire circumstance.

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    It could mean SO many different things! Here are the ones I thought of:

    - Mom to kid: "I believe in you" (that you can outwit that stupid, narrow-minded teacher who hates you and still do well enough to pass").

    - Coach to protegee: "I believe you can do that triple-lutz, DESPITE your broken ankle!"

    - Wife to husband: "I believe you ARE telling me the truth when you say I'm the sexiest one and you never fantasize about anyone else!"

    The trusting kid who says to the deadbeat dad (or mom): "I believe that you'll be there for me" (which there rarely are).

    Or: The movie studio exec., who blindly signs on an unknown, based on looks and says "I BELIEVE you can open this film"!

    This statement has given our species MANY laughs...and much heartache...

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  • 1 decade ago

    I suppose it depends on the situation... Do you have reason not to believe in them?

  • Having faith that they can accomplish whatever tasks or goals that they themselves may believe that they CAN'T overcome.

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