So I'll be honey be honest with me.?

I'm 15 and I like to watch gay porn I get off be seeing naked guys and when I masterbate I think of guys who are hot that I know. When I'm done I feel so dirty and discussted with myself but I some times like a girl but I see more guys than girls and go wow their hot in my head. But I just can't stand myself when I do that I could never see myself dealing or receding it from a guy (sex) but really neighter from a girl. I'm just can't stand it but its addicting to watch gay porn and jack off. Please tell me what you think and dont just say I'm bi explain please.

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  • Keli
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    1 decade ago
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    There is a lot of guilt in your head. Could be from your upbringing or religious convictions.

    Also, at 15, your hormones are raging...this is normal.

    However, porn can be addicting so watch yourself! Try to focus on more meaningful things in life.

    Afterall life is not all about sex.

    As far as you being straight, gay or bi. Only you can answer that question. Just be honest with yourself. No one, but no one can define you, but you!

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    Sounds like you might be gay. But also, you're 15, you're hormones are all over the place, so it's not unusual to get turned on by unexpected things. The fact that you feel dirty and disgusted is a natural reaction to masturbation, porn and homosexual feelings. Anything that you have thought to be disgusting, or unnatural is bound to make you feel dirty, even if you're acting on natural instinct. There's nothing wrong with having these feelings about guys, and nothing wrong with masturbating thinking about them. Porn can be addictive, maybe try and go without it for a bit. It may be the jacking off itself that's addictive, in which case you're a completely normal 15 year old guy! Don't worry too much about the sex part. If you are gay or bi, that'll develop (although that doesn't necessarily mean being a passive partner in anal sex - not every gay guy is into that.) If you're not gay, you'll start feeling more towards girls. Give it time.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    When I was your age I planned to fall in love with a woman, get married and have children. I couldn't imagine myself in a relationship with another man because I had never seen anything like that before. The only thing I knew about gay people was that everyone at school and even at home seemed to hate them. Anyway, when i first started to watch porn I immediately searched for gay porn because I knew that is what I wanted to see because I had always been sexually attracted to men, never women. It was strange because I didn't think I wanted to be with a man sexually but I still associated sexual pleasure with gay sex.

    Also, at the same time a had a girlfriend. I like her personality and hanging out with her but I didn't want her sexually. I refused to kiss her on many occasions and when I finally gave in and tried to kiss her she wouldn't let me because she knew I really didn't want to. After we broke up I just accepted that I was gay and that I shouldn't try to force myself to want a woman.

    You could be going through the same thing but I don't want to tell you that you are gay or bi. You'll have to give it some time and you'll know. But you shouldn't feel disgusted with yourself for looking at porn. As for me, I've accepted that I'm gay to myself but I'm not out of the closet yet. If it wasn't for porn I'd be a mess.

  • Shug
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    1 decade ago

    Whether you are bi or gay is not the issue, self acceptance is, why are you so hard on yourself for doing something that is perfectly natural and normal? Accept yourself and your sexual tendencies as a part of the wonderful person that you are and stop judging yourself. Be proud of the fact that you are just a normal person with normal urges and that your body works the way it should. Whether you are bi or gay, be the best bi or gay person you can be and dammit be proud of yourself

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  • 1 decade ago

    Steve, you are asking a very perplexed question. You are probably gay going through the same process most of us have gone through, trying to accept it and trying to think of all the reasons why not.

    Although it is no consolation, time will tell you how to come to terms with your true feelings.

    Being there done that! Best of luck.

    Source(s): an old devil
  • Reaux
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    1 decade ago

    You feel attractions to both sexes and thus forth you would be deemed bi. So you sound to have a majority split with you liking guys more than it seems to be with girls. So You can still pursue both but you simply have a strong attraction to Boys. But there seems to still be a vague attraction to Girls also.

  • 1 decade ago

    you really shouldn't be worried about labels so much as worrying about accepting yourself.

    if we tell you that you're bi, what good is it going to do if you continue to hate that about yourself?

    don't worry about the label, worry about self acceptance.

  • 1 decade ago

    it could be that thats just what turns you on even if you wouldn't have sex with another guy it could just be that you like to see other male bodies.

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