my last flight, something happened??

last time i was flying was to come visit my sister in las vegas from Europe, it was 6 hours only on the first plane..

when the first plane landed i lost all feeling in my arms and legs, and according to my dad was ice cold at least my arms were and stuff, and i became like car sick, which i never ever have on planes, i have no problems usually with flying i couldn't get up for like 15/20 minutes after landing and when i did i couldn't walk straight although i wasn't dizzy or anything. it was like my body totally broke down, can this be from lack of circulation in my body? i did get up and walk 3 or 4 time during the flight.. it just all happened the minute we landed, i dont ever have fear of landing or taking off im perfectly fine with flying what happened to me last time i was on the plane?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    you might have been really anxious to see your sister. it might have just sunk in that you are there and you are going to see her. you might want to see a doctor tough.

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