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Xbox 360 question.?

If I buy a Xbox 360 does everything come with it for playing online or do I have to buy the stuff separate. If I do have to buy things separate how much would each be. Thank you

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    When you buy a 360 all you have to do is plug a ethernet cable in the back and your good to go on xbox live. when you first sign up you get a month free on xbox live, after that you have to pay to play. there are different online packs, you can buy a 1 month for like 10$ or 3 months for 20$ and a years worth of xbox live for 50$.

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    Ok, it depends on the xbox you buy... there are 3

    1) Xbox 360: For online play, it comes with a headset, so you can talk online, and an ethernet cable, to plug it into an ethernet port on your internet. It is generally the best choice to buy, however, because it is in the middle price-wise, and has decent memory storage. I'm getting off topic...

    2)Xbox 360 Arcade: This is the least expensive version of the Xbox 360, it has 5 full xbox arcade games (like Pac-man and Uno) already on it, but it lacks everything you need to play online... all it has is the console, controller, AV cable, adapter, and a 256 MB hard drive... not so good.

    3)Xbox 360 Elite: It is the most expensive, because it has the most features... it has everything the normal xbox 360 has, plus (even though I'm not completely sure) a free 1-month Xbox live gold subscription, allowing you to play online.

    My Suggestions: If you plan on plugging the Xbox directly into your internet source, you should probably get the normal 360 or the elite, because they have better accesories than the arcade does... However, if you plan on going wireless, you have to pay $100 extra, not including subscriptions to Live...

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    Well u need a router to connect live to, or a wireless one but thats like $100, if comes with free live for a month but after that u need to buy a 6 or 12 month package. Also u need to buy any additional game add ons in the xbl marketplace.

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    u have to buy the stuff seperate . u need a router .The xbox live (silver) is free and the xbox live (gold) u got to pay $7.99 per month and $59.99 for a year for more information to the link.

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    u have to buy the gold membership, it is $60 for a year. and u have to buy the router or the wireless. the wireless is like $100, the router is like $20

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    youll need a router if you dont have one. and you have to pay for xbox live gold membership, its 59.99 per year.

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