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my teeth are a little crooked exept for my 2 front teeth they are crooked a lot. its hard to explain bbut 1 goes one way and the other goes in the opposite direction..(it looks like this / \)will my braces hurt more then other peoples because of this?

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    No it won't :)

    Anyways, the pain only lasts about 3 days after you get them on


    the day you get them tightened

    goodluck :)

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    nope, it won't hurt any more or any less - speaking from my own personal experience, braces do hurt! for the first week you are wearing them, you are going to be sore and you probably won't want to eat much. take a few Motrin or Tylenol and the pain will go away. I now wear Invisalign (the clear braces) to correct my 2 front teeth which are slightly crooked. So if you are really concerned with braces being painful, you could speak with your orthodontist about Invisalign. It's not for everyone, and I do think that braces are better at correcting more severe dental situations, but sometimes orthodontists can make Invisalign work for you. They are completely removable, so you can take them out when you eat, but you are supposed to wear them all day except when eating and brushing. I think Invisalign is so easy, and a lot more hygenic, but it does cost a little more than traditional braces. See your dentist/ortho to discuss your options, and feel free to e-mail me with any braces or Invisalign questions you may have. Good luck!!

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    braces only hurt for the first week or so right when you get them.

    i have had them for a year and a half, and they dont hurt at all. only after i have an ortho appt, are they sore.

    to be completely honest, it might hurt a little more than normal, bc of the arrangement of your teeth. but after they're off.., your teeth will be absolutely gorgeous!!!!

    so its all worth it :D

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    Braces hurt period end of story. But it only hurts for the first couple days after you get them and then each time it gets tightened. So it won't necessarily be worse than everyone elses its going to be uncomfortable no matter what.

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    My son just got on braces this past monday. It seems like alot of people are in extreme pain. He wasnt. Took a couple of advils and he was fine.

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    That's how my teeth used to be. No, they won't hurt more because of this, but nevertheless braces are pretty painful.

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    It's going to hurt no matter what.

    you'll probably just have them on longer.

    but when it's over, it will be so worth it!


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