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new england wivess?? coloniess?? HELP?

1.New England wives

a.were legally protected against domestic violence and nonsupport.

b.usually had children out of wedlock.

c.had extensive property rights under English Common Law.

d.were denied the option of divorce because it was prohibited by their Puritan faith.

e.were considered equal to their husbands in authority within the family.

2.In addition to Africans, what group did Carolinians enslave to make up for a lack of labor?


b.Dutch settlers

c.Native Americans

d.indigenous Mexicans

e.indentured servants

3.In which of the following regions did the numerical superiority of blacks unnerve the whites, resulting in many restrictions regarding their treatment?

a.The Piedmont

b.The Tidewater

c.The Carolinas

d.The Chesapeake

e.New England

4.This colony became the first to require schools in sizeable communities:

a.Plymouth Plantation

b.Massachusetts Bay




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    1. d

    2. c

    3. c

    4. b

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