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This mostly happens with my cod 4 disc but how come it keeps freezing? I cleaned it a lot of times and no work

It does freeze with other games but not as much. Usually just clean the others and they start to work perfectly again. However the cod 4 continues to freeze after maybe only half an hour of gameplay. I tried to clean my disc many times yet it still freezes. The screen just freezes. I can play halo 3 for 2 hours without it freezing once, but with cod 4 it freezes again and again. Nothing pops up on screen. Nothing says Unreadable Disc. The screen just freezes and I have to turn my 360 off. Can someone please help?

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    When you say gameplay, does it freeze when you play online or during the story mode?

    You may have a problem with your 360 since it freezes with other games or your game discs are scratched. Depending on the game, the 360 does not tell you "Cannot read disc" or something like that. I would suggest emailing/calling microsoft and see if they can fix your 360 or contact Bungie and Activision to see if they can replace your game discs.

    Hope this helps.

    EDIT: Since your 360 seems to freeze due to the amount of time played on it, it would most likely be problems with the 360's hardware and software.

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    if the scratches are a little deeper than the rest of your games then you need to clean your 360's lense. make sure you are cleaning your disk properly.

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