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Help with story plot?

I wanna write something... something that everyone will like. I really want to become a writer really badly. I love to write and everyone says I do a good job at it. I have been struggleing with many plots that I just ended up throwing away because they didn't seem... original, I guess. I like really fictuous stuff like Vampires and Werewolfs and such. I even made my own race of these bird people... How could I fit this all togeather to make something that doesn't seem like any story that has been written so far? I really don't want to dump the whole thing that I have mentioned so far. But I really want to know what you would want to read? Something that you would find in the science fiction section in the library... =D I like romance too and I want a lot of that in there. Any ideas for complicated romance stuff? I'd really appreciate your help!

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    Get to know your bird people intimately and individually. More than just physical descriptions, give each one a complete life history, quirks, personalities, etc. Then let your characters create your plot, setting, etc. and write the story by being an observer to their community and to their individual lives. The best part is that you can play God and even know what their thoughts are. If you can successfully translate it to words, you will have an original (or as original as anyone can get) and interesting story. If you box yourself in by genre, you might miss out on a great story.

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    A fellow writer. First of all, NEVER throw your story ideas away. I've done that, and I've really regretted it.

    l know it's hard to get your thoughts in order, but even science fiction writers have to have a plan.

    My best suggestion would be, go to Writer's Digest website: and check out their bookstore. Writer's Digest magazine has been around for almost 100 years. They have terrific articles on how to write, and best places to sell your articles, stories and books. They offer online seminars on how to write in various genres...

    Check it out and good luck!

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    joining a writing community has helped me, I joined this great and free writing site called There is something about being around other writers that keeps me inspired and imaginative.

    It's worth checking out and good luck!!

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    If you try to please everyone, you may end up pleasing no-one, so write something that YOU will like and you will find an audience. Also, you need to work out your own ideas and not seek help from others, otherwise your work is not truly your own. Your spelling and punctuation need brushing up a bit too.

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