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Am I too old to collect webkinz?

My 11 year old cousin (girl) collects webkinz. She is trying to get my to get some because she thinks they r cool. I think they are kinda cool, but i would have 2 get one to see. So anyway, i was talking about w/ my mom and she said she thinks i am getting to old to buy and use things like that. So i don't know what to do. I don't think I am to old, I am only 12 (and a boy) but I really don't know! Help me!!!

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    Go ahead! They're pretty fun. But its just that some games on the website are a bit childish but its still kinda fun. =D I'm twelve too and i play webkinz =D

    P.S add me if you buy one. my user name is: bllueberry

    Have fun

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    U r never too old to get a webkinz. I'm 14 going on 15 and I have 24 Webkinz!!! I am also in High School. It's ur money and u can do what u want with it. Have some fun. Webkinz is a AWESOME site. U should get one. If u feel too old to get one then don't buy one, but if u feel like ur the right age go ahead and have some fun. If u would like one here is a link to the sites store locator:

    I hope I helped ur question. Have a nice day!!

    Add me if u get one:

    Aristotle13 (name of my first cat)


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    As long as you are having fun, don't let what other people say bother you. If you use your own money to buy the Webkinz, then your mom shouldn't fuss at you. I know a lot of adults that like Webkinz, so play on :)

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    NO WAY! webkinz are for all ages, and the are so cool! They just came out with an alligator, which you might like!

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    1 decade ago

    Well if u like too it is ur choice and there is only ur opinion to stop u. If u like play with them in real life then yes i do. But if u just play with them on the computer the n it is fine i have played the computer with them and it is fun. So if u want to then go ahead after all it is ur opinion that counts. And everyone has childish things about them so if sum1 makes fun of u for it then make fun of them for there childish traits.

  • Webkinz is pretty babyish but if you are having fun then keep having fun! don't let anyone stop you!

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    It doesn't matter how old you are. You can have Webkinz for as long as you want.

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    I am 44 and I own 63. If you Mom hasn't told you an absolute no then go for it. They are a blast.

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    well,i think u are Not to old have fun you're to old for them when your 30 well your chose.

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    I dont think youre too old

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