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What is the best Final Fantasy game for the GBA?

excluding tactics, What is the best Final Fantasy game for the GBA and why?

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    VI... is a long game, you´ll love the story, the opera scene is epic! 16 characters, a lot of things to do, new enemies and bosses, new dungeons, a lot of espers, you´ll love everything in this game, good graphics, excellent soundtrack, Terra and Celes are reason enough to make it a great game!!!

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    i agree with Tonycio, or watever his name (the person above me)

    Final Fantasy VI is the best final fantasy for the GBA. it has 16 characters in the game, and the story is PERFECT. so is the opera scene. also, at the end of the game there is also an bonus dungeon and a hard challenge where you have to beat many enemies in a row. The game is very easy to learn (but still challenging) and you'll love the characters and the game.

    This isnt important, but this is the highest rated final fantasy game for the GBA. on average, many other final fantasy games for the platform got about a 7.0 or a 7.5, but this game on average got a 9.0. i give it a 10.

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    final fantasy tactics ADVANCED

    1. easy to find and cheap to buy

    2. fun

    3. difficulty level isn't in the extreme, but good enough

    4. lots of class

    5. lots of weapons

    6. lots of bull

    7. isn't this game a little old??

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    the best game is 1and 2 it has hours of fun

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    ff4 its a good game and has a good story, I don't have it but I have played it on a snes and enjoyed it

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    1 and 2 dawn of ....

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