Are the haters losing grace in the US? Is their reign of terror waning?

Karl Rove set about to use his formidable powers of deception to set up basic, minimally informed, amenable Americans to think of radical conservatives as "God's party." He succeeded. :(

Now, James Dobson's Focus on Family circus & Donald Wildmon's American Family Association have boycotted McDonalds (because a board member joined a gay civic organization), the Ford Motor Company (for advertising in gay-oriented magazines) & WalMart (for selling the DVD "Brokeback Mountain"), & the Disney Corporation for their gay-supportive policies -- & all been pretty much ignored.

Where once they claimed to be able to cut into corporate America's precious bottom line, $$, now they see they are essentially powerless to affect profits to any noticeable extent.

First, Jerry Falwell's fear of gay tele-tubbies, & now James Dobson with his website that "filtered" the an athlete's name of Tyson Gay to "Tyson Homosexual"?

Are we finally waking up to see how out-of-touch these people are?

Update 2:

My friend Ennoae: I'm sorry if my question disturbs your heart at all, but I don't share your optimism, that "we all sense the hypocrisy." I encounter many many people who do not sense it, and who even mistake it for the gospel that Jesus brought us. It's because of them, that I can't stop talking about the connection between the Gospel and the "endless legal arguments" people use to adulterate it.

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    I sincerely hope they're losing their power.

    Last year I moved to the Bible Belt. I was petrified that I was going to be ostracized by everyone I met, kept my mouth shut at first about religion and politics, wondered if I was going to be kidnapped and brainwashed by some weird sect of Christbots, basically, I was tense.

    Then I started meeting people. While I would never go as far as to call this town a liberal town, well, the people I've been meeting are as about as left wing as you can get. Even those who call themselves Republicans. It's strange how many ignore all issues but fiscal issues by voting Republican. How many who identify themselves as Christian have absolutely NO love for Dobson, Wildmon, Knight or any of those idiots. It's like the older generation that sat glued to televangelists and sending them money is waning. We have Oral Roberts University in this town and grads from that school are even having trouble finding jobs in the local economy. No one wants zealots anymore.

    Sally Kern is finding herself taking a beating in the State House on her faith based bills. She just tried to get one passed that ended up vetoed, which would have allowed religious expression in school work. If a creationist wanted to put on a science test that Earth is only 6000 years old, it would have been marked as a correct answer. The same would have applied if a kid said the FSM created the world last Thursday while drunk. In a way I'm sad Gov. Henry vetoed it, as I would have loved to have seen how long it would have taken before the Discordian kids ran the schools. My bet was less than a month.

    Granted, there's a long way to go. But it looks like Oklahoma is finally ready to step into the 1960s. And considering this is the buckle of the Bible Belt, how long before the belt comes undone?

  • Dusk
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    I just don't know anymore. The religious "right" has never appealed to me and almost made me lose my faith in God and Jesus. Jesus loved everybody, and after some study and time spent studying spirituality and religion, and even a little bit of studying of the Bible and other religious works, I have not seen anything that literally said that God hates certain children.

    Are all gays thieves? NO!

    Are all gays liars? NO!

    Are all gays adulterers? NO because some of them aren't even married!

    Are all gays worshipping "strange" Gods? NO!

    Are all gays murderers? NO!

    Do all gays covet their neighbor's spouses? NO!

    Do all gays not keep a sabbath/rest day? NO!

    Do all gays take the Lord's name in vain? NO!

    Just because Paul had an opinion, a widely MIS-TRANSLATED opinion on homosexuality, and just because bible fundies LOVE to use those verses against people (as if they don't do enough damage with other things saying those who don't accept Jesus are not going to heaven, well they are bearing false witness because they don't KNOW what Jesus will or will not do). Last time I checked Paul wasn't a divine messenger and the son of God either.....

    Even the Catholic Church, well some of them anyways considering many Catholics are fundamentalists (I was raised Roman Catholic), I've noticed more tolerant, liberal Christians tend TO be Catholics. And the Catholic Church is the original Church. The born-again Christians, evangelists, JW's and all them are nothing but cults who still haven't gotten over anti-Catholic Protestant mentality. So what do they know besides their fear?

    (Remember most "bible belt" states are the same states that have enslaved and racial tensions still exist. Also remember they used Bible verses to justify their stance).

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    We are in the Aquarian Age right now. For far too long people have been allowing themselves to be lead through fear and negativity. People haven't been chosing with their hearts, what is right or wrong, instead they have been chosing with their egos. The Aquarian Age is a time when for group consciousness, heightened spirituality. Basically, people just start waking up but on a more massive level.

    I have noticed on a subtle level that people are starting to see what is more important and are choosing more with their hearts. Spiritual differences are starting to be less important now. On the surface, we may think that nothing is changing but if you look closely, close minded opinions are losing their power. Fear as a motivator is beginning to be seen for what it is.

    There are always going to be groups that are 'behind the times' but being the eternal optomistic that I am, I think it is a good time for you and I to be alive...for many reasons. In our time, we will witness some amazing changes in the way that people interact and we will see an upsurge of tolerance and compassion for one another.

    *steps off her soapbox*

    But I can see how this situation would piss someone off. Don't get me wrong. ;)

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    1 decade ago

    It's getting better.

    Nothing about the fundamentalist line of reasoning promotes the great command from Christ which is to love one another.

    You can not love that which you judge.

    1 John 4:8

    He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

    The entire world is counting on us to stop turning the message of Christ into endless legal arguments, hearing these things does nothing to shine the light of Gods love into the lives of men. We all sense the hypocrisy and their faith has made us ill. I am ashamed of Christianity in it's modern form.

    EDIT: When I say that the entire world senses the hypocrisy I mean all those that aren't deceived by it. Almost every faith and group other than the fundamentalist aggressively oppose them. Even fundamentalist from different denominations hate each other. All can see except those caught in the trap.

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  • I think it may take a while.

    While the US has come a long way, we have so much further to go before we are indeed a free country.

    Too many Americans are fearful of anyone 'different. Rove (and his ilk) prey on that fear and have the audacity to claim that God wants it that way.

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    I sincerely hope so.

    Most of my Christian friends are embarrassed by people like that (not that I see them take a lot of action...) and we are ALL relieved when dangerous fools are reduced down to just fools.

    PS: Personally, I have not eaten at McDonald's since the 2001 french fry scandal (many of my friends are vegetarians). I do not, however need to invent my outrage out of nothing.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I hope the haters are losing grace

    Their pushing the US down a road of hatred and bigotry is evil

    I am happy that they are being rejected

    Many people who accept the hatred as gospel are not bothered about thinking sadly

  • Bast
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    1 decade ago

    Thankfully some people are. Hopefully it will be a continuing trend.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sadly, the haters are gaining grace in the US. If in doubt, check the "Bable Belt" and you'll find all the proof you need.

  • unix
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    1 decade ago

    God is raising up a remnant of the church now.... through them the his will will be done....let us pray we are among the chosen few and not the sinniners who think they've made it

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