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how do i send a folder instead of indivual files?

how do i send a folder of files through email without doing it seperately? i cant use outlook express on my computer, but i have tried Win Live, Yahoo, Google etc. i have over 100 files to send (all photos) but all i can seem to do is attach them seperatly. very time consuming. must be a quicker way. i will even create a new email account should a certain site be useful. thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Use a compression program. WIndows can compress files to zip, using right click after selecting multiple files. WinRAR can also compress files to .zip or to .rar. You can then send the zip or rar file.

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  • 4 years ago

    visit the Recycle Bin, superb-click, decide on residences, then examine the container "do no longer flow records to the Recycle Bin..." which will thoroughly delete the record rather of moving it there. even regardless of the undeniable fact that, it particularly is excellent to easily depart it the way it particularly is that in case you do no longer prefer to get rid of the records in case you would be able to would desire to restoration them. in any different case, in basic terms create a folder named Crap and flow stuff there extremely than attempting to apply the Delete command. EDIT: So back...create a clean folder observed as Crap (or regardless of) and in basic terms flow the records there rather of attempting to alter the Delete command...

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