love and music...?

when you listen to particular types of music do you feel different about the one that you love? like if you listen to love music, you feel more in love and when you listen to screamo you feel mad about them? please be detailed!

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    Here's an exract of the influence of music in humans by C. Ray McManus:

    Does the type of music that a person listens to, actually help to influence his or her behavior? Some people believe that it does. It has even been brought up by defense lawyers in this nations court rooms, in the hopes of getting their clients off. “Your honor, my client didn’t commit any crime here, he was a victim of the music that he listened to.” People try and say that rap music makes you want to join a gang, sell drugs, and shoot people. Heavy metal music makes people destructive and suicidal. So I guess that country music makes you sad. Irish music makes you want a drink, and I bet that Italian music would make you want to be a mobster. Give me a break!

    Music isn’t the guilty party here. I believe that guilt should lie on the shoulders of the parents who’s children are acting this way. Today’s society seems to be more into giving their children prescription medications to help control their behavior, as opposed to a good old fashioned butt whipping, like the ones that my parents used to receive, and so lovingly passed on to me. I think that things could be different if more parents played an active role in their children’s lives. It would also help if we started putting God back into the lives of our children, and stopped letting the courts take him out of our everyday public life. God never did anything wrong to us, so why is he being punished?

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    emm yeah music has a way of altering my mood

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