Looking for 1950's (?) pulp sci fi magazine cover artist?

I once had a Sci Fi calendar in which one of the pictures was this: a U.S. astronaut is laying on a gondola in the canals of Mars, surrounded by beautiful human-looking Martian women feeding him grapes, while a Martian in his true monstrous form is secretly crawling up the side of the boat to stab him.

I am looking for a print of the Martian scene described above.

The style was very bold, with bright colors and strong lines. It was not some dreamy landscape but very vivid. The style was very 1950s, like the car advertisements they had back then, with sleek lines and vivid colors.

In the entire U.S., there must be some recognized expert in Sci-Fi art, or some huge comic book clearing house with a resident expert. I have looked for years for this. I'm fairly sure the name is not Virgil Findlay, because I checked his drawings and the style really doesn't match.

How can I find this picture?


Thanks for first respondant, but I do not think it is Frank R. Paul. The drawing I'm trying to find has sharper lines. The composition is less busy. It is quite 1950s: bold, dramatic.

For years I thought it was Virgil Findlay, but when I see his artwork, it doesn't match.

I keep hoping there is some recognized Sci Fi artwork specialist who will I can contact.

Update 2:

Thanks to the second respondant, but I don't think it was Franzetta either.

As I've said, the style was very bold, very realistic, and very 1950's style, almost like the dead-on style they used back then for product ads.

The figures are very well drawn. There is nothing hazy about them; they are all extremely distinct, with the boldest of colors.

Update 3:

Looks like it isn't Ron Turner either. Maybe it is a trick of memory, but I recall that the drawing was very 1950's modern-looking. All three of the artists cited had old-fashioned drawing styles, while this drawing I'm trying to find had a timeless 1950's look to it. It was not "kitch" nor something that just looked like it belonged on an old rag Sci Fi magazine cover. It was remarkable art.

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