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how can i hide my lip piercing for school?

they would killl me if they saw it. how can i hide it without changing it coz i only got it pierced yesterday and i cant change the jewellery.


to that kate person

um why would i give a **** what other people think ?


and btw a lot of my friends like it and have alreayd seen it

i wouldnt exactly call that rejection.


Update 2:

to that guy

rofl ! i did think of it obviously. but i still wanted it. dont give 2 shits what they think bro. i just dont wanan get kicked out. haha. and umm im a boy so i cant wear makeup. andddd i payed $50.

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    THis is a trick question. YOu already thought about "school" when you went to get the lip pierced. I know you did. You didn't just remember today that you are going to school.

    I think you are a little bit of a rebel. So you have to do what rebels do. A bandaid one day. with a spot of ketchup so it looks like you hurt your lip falling from your bike. Next day thick makeup. Next day some Liquid White-Out which corrects typing mistakes on old typewriters. Don't rub your lip or it will flake off. Next day a real thick lipstick - you don't put it on like real lipstick- pinch a bit of it with your fingernail and put a tiny glob over the hole. You can keep this going for a long time.

    Then one day you are going to have to "face the music" as they used to say in the 1940's.

    What are you going to get pierced next? What did you pay for your lip piercing?

  • Anonymous
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    Go back to the place and ask for the smallest one you can get.

    Ask for either a see threw one or some colour that would be unnoticed. change it really fast because i took my cartillage peircing out the day after to change it and it closed up within 10 mins and it took 3 hours to repeirce.

    ANYWAYS but conceiler or foundation over the tidy stud and it will go unnoticed

    Good luck x

  • kate
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    1 decade ago

    Face piercings are about as hide-able as your nose .

    OK , 1 or 2 people like it but otherwise ,

    Most people > "gross , eeeeeyuck , or nasty" .

    Is that really how you want to go through the school year ?

    Or are you DELIBERATELY trying to be an outcast / alien ?

    Nothing like setting your self up for a uber rejection during your school years .

    Not enough pain at home ?


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i have a friend who had lots of peircings in school and to hide obvious ones she bought a tiny tiny stud *black ones work well and see through ones*... she got away with it because they go un noticed and if they did noticed she just said 'it's a spot' lol ^-^

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    go to the place you got it pierced and ask them to switch it for a retainer one. they will do this and it wont close.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    do not stick it out like when you stick it out and dnt laugh like an anminal nd if you can talk with your mouth closed

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