What does wireless LAN mean?

I have a new desktop that has this feature.I am currently using DSL,the connections are:

1.telephone line in wall to modem.

2.modem ethernet line to computer.

I don't have a router,and I only have one computer.Does this mean I can still use this "wireless LAN" feature?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, yes you can use the wireless LAN. (LAN= local area network) However, with only one computer, what will you use it to do? Networks connect multiple computers together so without more than one machine I am simply at a loss as to what you will do with the wireless.... I guess you could buy a wireless printer and use it to connect!

    It is very good to see that some desktops are shipping with wifi installed these days - they usually don't include that!

    Source(s): Lots of Networks - I run a wireless ISP - TL
  • 4 years ago

    Wireless LAN does 'not' mean wireless internet.. A wireless lan is 2 or more computers connected without wires, so they can communicate with each other. To get the internet with the LAN setup, The LAN itself has to be connected to a router, and then the router needs to be connected to a modem, which in turn needs to be connected to the internet through your internet service provider(ISP).. Hope this helps...

  • 1 decade ago

    Wireless LAN is nothing more than using radio to replace the Ethernet cables

    In order to use Wireless, you first must have a wireless router that transmits the data to client computers and receives information back from them. Some ISPs provide wireless routers as part of their package. With others, you have to buy one.

    Once you have a wireless router, you must have something to receive the signals. Laptops usually have wireless built in. Desktops need either a card or a USB dongle to receive the information.

    Once you have all the parts, you can connect to your modem without an Ethernet cable.

    If you have wireless, remember to secure it. The wireless router will accept anyone who asks to connect to it and provide place on your network for them. Wireless routers have security settings to encrypt the data that is transmitted and to prevent unknown users from being serviced, But you have to follow the instructions and set it up

    Good Luck

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