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engine light question?

2001 chrysler sebring

is it okay to still drive the car while the light is on?

what could the problem be?

the car hasn't been driven in a week, could it be the fuel?

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    yes you have a problem in the system but you can drive as long as that light is not flashing, ill give you a list of possibilities.

    PO1 fuel and air metering

    p0100 mass (maf) or volume (vaf) air flow circuit malfunction

    p0101 maf or vaf circuit range performance problem

    p0102 maf or vaf circuit low out input

    p0103 maf or vaf circuit high output

    p0104 mass or volume air flow circuit intermittent

    p0105 manifold absolute (map) or barometric (baro) pressure circuit malfunction

    p0106 map or baro circuit range performance problem

    p0107 map or baro circuit low range

    p0108 map or baro circuit high range

    p0109 map circuit intermittent

    p0110 intake air temperature (iat) circuit malfunction

    p0111 iat circuit circuit range performance problem

    p0112 iat circuit low input

    p0113 iat circuit high input

    p0114 iat circuit intermittent

    p0115 engine coolant temperature (ect) circuit malfunction

    p0116 ect circuit range performance problem

    p0117 ect low input

    p0118 ect high input

    p0119 ect circuit intermittent

    p0120 throttle position (tp) circuit malfunction

    p0121 tp circuit range performance problem

    p0122 tp circuit low input

    p0123 tp circuit high input

    p0124 tp circuit intermittent

    p0125 excessive time to enter closed loop

    p0126 insufficient ect for stable operation

    p0128 coolant temperature below thermostat regulating temperature

    p0130 oxygen sensor 1, bank 1 circuit malfunction

    p0131 oxygen sensor 1, bank 1 low voltage

    p0132 oxygen sensor 1, bank 1 high voltage

    p0133 oxygen sensor 1, bank 1 slow response

    p0134 oxygen sensor 1, bank 1 no activity

    p0135 oxygen sensor 1, bank 1 heater malfunction

    p0136 oxygen sensor 2, bank 1 circuit malfunction

    p0137 oxygen sensor 2, bank 1 low voltage

    p0138 oxygen sensor 2, bank 1 high voltage

    p0139 oxygen sensor 2, bank 1 slow response

    p0140 oxygen sensor 2, bank 1 no activity

    p0141 oxygen sensor 2, bank 1 heater malfunction

    p0142 oxygen sensor 3, bank 1 circuit malfunction

    p0143 oxygen sensor 3, bank 1 low voltage

    p0144 oxygen sensor 3, bank 1 high voltage

    p0145 oxygen sensor 3, bank 1 slow response

    p0146 oxygen sensor 3, bank 1 no activity

    p0147 oxygen sensor 3, bank 1 heater malfunction

    p0150 oxygen sensor 1, bank 2 circuit malfunction

    p0151 oxygen sensor 1, bank 2 low voltage

    p0152 oxygen sensor 1, bank 2 high voltage

    p0153 oxygen sensor 1, bank 2 slow response

    p0154 oxygen sensor 1, bank 2 no activity

    p0155 oxygen sensor 1, bank 2 heater malfunction

    p0156 oxygen sensor 1, bank 2 circuit malfunction

    p0157 oxygen sensor 2, bank 2 low voltage

    p0158 oxygen sensor 2, bank 2 high voltage

    p0159 oxygen sensor 2, bank 2 slow response

    p0160 oxygen sensor 3, bank 2 no activity

    p0161 oxygen sensor 3, bank 2 heater malfunction

    p0162 oxygen sensor 3, bank 2 circuit malfunction

    p0163 oxygen sensor 3, bank 2 low voltage

    p0164 oxygen sensor 3, bank 2 high voltage

    p0165 oxygen sensor 3, bank 2 slow response

    p0166 oxygen sensor 3, bank 2 no activity

    p0167 oxygen sensor 3, bank 2 heater malfunction

    p0169 fuel composition sensor

    p0170 fuel trim (ft) malfunction

    p0171 system too lean, bank 1

    p0172 system too rich, bank 1

    p0173 fuel trim (ft) malfunction, bank 2

    p0174 system too lean, bank 2

    p0175 system too rich, bank 2

    p0176 fuel composition sensor circuit malfunction

    p0177 fuel composition sensor range performance

    po178 fuel composition sensor low input

    p0179 fuel composition sensor high input

    p0180 fuel temperature sensor circuit malfunction

    p0181 fuel temperature sensor range performance

    p0182 fuel temperature sensor low input

    p0183 fuel temperature sensor high input

    p0184 fuel temperature sensor circuit intermittent

    p0185 fuel temperature sensor 2 circuit malfunction

    p0186 fuel temperature sensor 2 range performance

    p0187 fuel temperature sensor 2 low input

    p0188 fuel temperature sensor 2 high input

    p0189 fuel temperature sensor 2 circuit intermittent

    p0190 fuel rail pressure sensor circuit

    p0191 fuel rail pressure sensor circuit performance

    p0192 fuel rail pressure sensor circuit low voltage

    p0193 fuel rail pressure sensor circuit high voltage

    p0194 fuel rail pressure sensor circuit intermittent

    p0195 engine oil temperature sensor

    p0196 engine oil temperature sensor performance

    p0197 engine oil temperature sensor low voltage

    p0197 engine oil temperature sensor high voltage

    p0198 engine oil temperature sensor intermittent

    p02 fuel and air metering

    p0200 injector control circuit

    p0201 injector circuit malfunction, cylinder 1

    p0202 injector circuit malfunction, cylinder 2

    p0203 injector circuit malfunction, cylinder 3

    p0204 injector circuit malfunction, cylinder 4

    p0205 injector circuit malfunction, cylinder 5

    p0206 injector circuit malfunction, cylinder 6

    p0207 injector circuit malfunction, cylinder 7

    p0208 injector circuit malfunction, cylinder 8

    p0209 injector circuit malfunction, cylinder 9

    p0210 injector circuit malfunction, cylinder 10

    p0211 injector circuit malfunction, cylinder 11

    p0212 injector circuit malfunction, cylinder 12

    p0213 cold start injector 1 malfunction

    p0214 cold start injector 2 malfunction

    p0215 engine shutoff control circuit

    p0216 injection timing control circuit

    p0217 engine overtemp condition

    p0218 transmission fluid over temperature

    p0219 engine overspeed condition

    p0220 app sensor 2 circuit

    p0221 app throttle position sensor 2 circuit performance

    p0222 app throttle position sensor 2 low voltage

    p0223 app throttle position sensor 2 high voltage

    p0224 throttle position 2 sensor intermittent

    p0225 app sensor 3 circuit

    p0226 app throttle position sensor 3 circuit performance

    p0227 app throttle position sensor 3 low voltage

    p0228 app throttle position sensor 3 high voltage

    p0229 throttle position 2 sensor intermittent

    p0230 fuel pump relay control circuit

    p0231 fuel pump feedback circuit low voltage

    p0232 fuel pump feedback circuit high voltage

    p0233 fuel pump feedback circuit intermittent

    p0234 turbocharger engine overboost condition

    p0235 turbocharger boost sensor 1 circuit

    po236 turbocharger boost system

    p0237 turbocharger boost sensor circuit low voltage

    p0238 turbocharger boost sensor circuit high voltage

    p0239 turbocharger boost sensor 2

    po240 turbocharger boost sensor 2 performance

    p0241 turbocharger boost sensor 2 circuit low voltage

    p0242 turbocharger boost sensor 2 circuit high voltage

    p0243 turbocharger waste gate solenoid 1 circuit

    p0244 turbocharger wastgate solenoid 1 performance

    p0245 turbocharger wastgate solenoid 1 low voltage

    p0246 turbocharger wastgate solenoid 1 high voltage

    p0247 turbocharger wastgate solenoid 2

    p0248 turbocharger wastgate solenoid 2 performance

    p0249 turbocharger wastgate solenoid 2 low voltage

    p0250 turbocharger wastgate solenoid 2 high voltage

    p0251 injection pump fuel metering control

    p0252 injection pump fuel metering control (a) range/performance cam rotor injector

    p0253 injection pump control (a) low (cam/rotor/injector)

    p0254 injection pump control (a) high (cam/rotor/injector)

    p0255 injection pump control (a) intermittent (cam/rotor/injector)

    p0256 injection pump control (b) malfunction (cam/rotor/injector)

    p0257 injection pump metering control (b) range performance (cam/rotor/injector)

    p0258 injection pump metering control (b) low (cam/rotor/injector)

    p0259 injection pump metering control (b) high (cam/rotor/injector)

    p0260 injection pump metering control (b) intermittent (cam/rotor/injector)

    p0261 cylinder 1 injector circuit low

    p0262 cylinder 1injector circuit high

    p0263 cylinder 1 contribution/balance fault

    p0264 cylinder 2 injector circuit low

    p0265 cylinder 2injector circuit high

    p0266 cylinder 2 contribution/balance fault

    p0267 cylinder 3 injector circuit low

    p0268 cylinder 3injector circuit high

    p0269 cylinder 3 contribution/balance fault

    p0270 cylinder 4 injector circuit low

    p0271 cylinder 4injector circuit high

    p0272 cylinder 4 contribution/balance fault

    p0273 cylinder 5 injector circuit low

    p0274 cylinder 5injector circuit high

    p0275 cylinder 5 contribution/balance fault

    p0276 cylinder 6 injector circuit low

    p0277 cylinder 6 injector circuit high

    p0278 cylinder 6 contribution/balance fault

    p0279 cylinder 7 injector circuit low

    p0280 cylinder 7 injector circuit high

    p0281 cylinder 7 contribution/balance fault

    p0282 cylinder 8 injector circuit low

    p0283 cylinder 8 injector circuit high

    p0284 cylinder 8 contribution/balance fault

    p0285 cylinder 9 injector circuit low

    p0286 cylinder 9injector circuit high

    p0287 cylinder 9 contribution/balance fault

    p0288 cylinder 10 injector circuit low

    p0289 cylinder 10 injector circuit high

    p0290 cylinder 10 contribution/balance fault

    p0291 cylinder 11 injector circuit low

    p0292 cylinder 11injector circuit high

    p0293 cylinder 11 contribution/balance fault

    p0294 cylinder 12 injector circuit low

    p0295 cylinder 12injector circuit high

    p0296 cylinder 12 contribution/balance fault

    p03 ignition system or misfire

    p0300 random misfire

    p0301 cylinder 1 misfire detected

    p0302 cylinder 2 misfire detected

    p0303 cylinder 3 misfire detected

    p0304 cylinder 4 misfire detected

    p0305 cylinder 5 misfire detected

    p0306 cylinder 6 misfire detected

    p0307 cylinder 7 misfire detected

    p0308 cylinder 8 misfire detected

    p0309 cylinder 9 misfire detected

    p0310 cylinder 10 misfire detected

    p0311 cylinder 11 misfire detected

    p0312 cylinder 12 misfire detected

    p0313 misfire detected with low fuel level

    p0315 crank position (CKP) system variation values not stored in memory

    p0318 rough road sensor circuit

    p0320 ignition or distributor engine speed (RPM) circuit malfunction

    p0321 RPM circuit range performance problem

    p0322 RPM circuit no input signal

    p0323 ignition/distributor engine speed circuit intermittent

    p0324 knock sensor (KS) 1 malfunction

    p0325 knock sensor 1 circuit range problem

    p0326 knock sensor 1 circuit range performa

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    Is it the "check engine light" that comes on. If it is, this could be caused by many different issues. The first thing I have done is check the gas cap on your fuel tank and make sure it is on tight. If this looks ok then drive to autozone or your friendly auto mechanic and have them "pull the code" from your car's onboard computer. This code will tell you where the problem is. You should not have to pay anyone for this since it is so simple, if you have the right tool. Mechanics have tried to charge me as much as $60 for this service. I gave up trusting mechanics and invested the money a bought a "code scanner" so I can diagnose my own car.

    Hope this Helps.

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    The light is an indication that something is wrong. To be on the safe side, I would suggest you take it to a mechanic to determine what the problem is. Otherwise, you may end up with bigger problems. Unfortunately, cars seem to start having problems after about 5 years or so. Once the problem has been resolved, to reduce future engine problems, apply measures to take proper care of your vehicle. Measures that will reduce your vehicle’s operating and maintenance expenses and extend the life of your engine.

  • 4 years ago

    P0306 Cylinder 6 Misfire Detected P0316 Misfire Detected On Startup (First 1000 Revolutions) P0411 Secondary Air Injection System Incorrect Flow Detected P0511 MAZDA - Idle Control System Malfunction P2195 - "Oxygen (A/F) Sensor Signal Stuck Lean (Bank 1 Sensor 1)" sounds like something is wrong with ur Mass Air Flow Sensor. make shure ur idle control above ur throttle and ur MAFS is plugged in or has corroded wires. id also check for a hole in ur intake system that could also be it. most likely the miss-fires are because ur car is running lean and the fuel mix ratios isn't good enough to get proper ignition. and the reason ur car runs good at first and then stops running good after codes come on is it probably goes into a limp home mode. which in most cars means instead of sequential fuel injection it uses continues fuel injection and the miss fires + the combo of this will make ur car run like crap. P.S. sry my grammer sucks

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    There are literally thousands of reasons why the MIL(malfunction indicator light) could be illuminated. Some may be okay to operate the vehicle under, others will bring a quick demise.

    It needs to be diagnosed and repaired by a certified technician.

  • 1 decade ago

    Let me say that it's not going to blow up your motor,but it might start to run bad.It could be one of many things that causing the light to come on.Means on right now and i fix the things that it said was wrong with it .You can take it to most auto parts store's and they will put a machine on it to tell you whats the problem.It's free of charge as well.If you need the car then drive it ;.

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