Which honors program is better: Penn State or U of Maryland?

I'm applying to colleges in the fall, and my parents want me to find some "safetys", but it has to have an honors program. Which school has a better honors program, PSU or UMD?

(FYI I will also be applying to Brown, Cornell, Penn, William&Mary, UVA, etc. but UMD or PSU would be more affordable options for my parents)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I don't know much about the University of Maryland's honors program but I know that Penn States is incredible. Its up there with the Ivy leagues with the academics and programs associated with it. It is, however extremely difficult to get into. Sometimes harder than the Ivy leagues. In my school the valedictorian for last years class and this years class's salutatorian both applied to the honors college and did not get accepted even though both were extremely involved in the community, the school, and had very very high SAT scores. But if you could get in I would definitely go for it because you get an equal education as you would at the Ivy leagues and you will get scholarships from the honors college along with having a much cheaper tuition.

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