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Girls ONLY....Have you ever had this problem..ik its a weird question?

Okay im on the cheerleading team...we wear uniforms that just cover our chest....

My problem is that it rides up sometimes cuz my boobs are big for my age, its really im going to quit cuz i dont want to be flashing my boobs to everyone at school...has this ever happened to you...just wondering


well ya i wear a bra...but still

Update 2:

problem with switching uniforms, dont make a bigger top size

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    I wasn't a cheerleader, I played sports, but we had a couple cheerleaders with big comesas and they just got bigger tops. Hope you find an answer for the problem other then quiting if you enjoy cheerleading. I'm sure there is a simple solution.

    There's also lotsa sports bra's or even tank tops that you could wear underneath that many people wear as tops. Try something like that and it won't really matter much if your top goes a little to high. Providing of course it's kewl with your parents and doesn't make you uncomfortable. BOL... : )

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    You need a bigger top and maybe some double sided tape to stick on your bra to hold the top in place, I got big boobs and yes they can be annoying especially when in school sports, etc...good luck~

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    Just ask your coach (if your coach happens to be a boy ask a female teacher) to change the uniforms and why. She should understand and help the whole dilemma. Hope this helps! Bye =D

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    Your cheerleading coach should have thought of that before you chose your uniforms!

  • No.

    But they do make minimizing bras that hold the girls in real tight and make them look not so big. I wore one for soccer....better than a sports bra.

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    It hasn't happened to me personally (I'm in dance) but it's happened to my friends before. You can use wig tape to keep your top from riding up; that's what my friends have done and it worked for them

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    Sounds like maybe it's not a good fit. Can you talk to your coach or your mom? Maybe a little alteration is in order?

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    Tape it down or wear a sportsbra, dont quit if you like it.

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    Yes! I hate it. Mine wasn't for cheering though.

    Maybe you need a bigger size? Try that. It'd suck to quit cheering. :(

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