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Has anyone else heard of Morris Kent Thompson?

I am English and I live in Italy, I a recently found Morris Kent Thompson's YouTube page.

I was wondering if anybody in the USA can give me some detail from the general public's point of view.

Would you consider putting this man on the ballot?


Rain power!!!!!

It is not that silly as an Idea and is in fact doable!

I already have a concept in mind!

Anything that falls will release energy on contact with a surface, connect that surface to a transponder and and have enough of the connected together and you will get a fair bit of energy!

at the same time have all the water run of in to pipe each with an Archimedean Screw generator and there you will gain a little more power!

Local net working of micro generators including solar is the future!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes, he is a pretty good looking guy, ran for the US Congress in 2000, served his country in Vietnam as a Marine, and has been in business for over 33 years in various capacities, employee, business owner, and all around trouble shooter. He's a problem solver, and does not take no for an answer. Some say he is fairly bright. His IQ as a child was around 180, some say that portends intelligence. The status quo are afraid of him, as he cannot be bought off, and his positions and experience is for the people...

    MISHMOLE, your statement seems to be your endorsing a looser with no ideas "George Galloway (ex-Labour party with issues) to take people into the real world were Politics is for the tough. Having said that Kent could get by on his eyebrow strength alone."

    For starters the cost of solar is equal at this point and its not in mass production, which will bring the cost down further, then its FREE. As for your endorsement of Galloway, never heard of him, probably as he has no real ideas or vision.

    As I stated in my press releases and videos, I challenge any presidential candidate to support their rhetoric with a program, and I will debate them any where, any time, any place.... I don't think their will be any takers as they tought and hide... Like Bush, alot of rhetoric, with no substance.

    To date not one of the Presidential Candidates has put forth a plan to bring prosperity back to America, with an increasing wage base and jobs.


    I agree with your late edition comments. My ancestor was one of the first presidents. He was hated by both the Whigs and Democrats and is touted for taming a wild economy and bringing Texas into the Union. Honesty is imbreed. His Estate was called Sherwood Forest, in keeping with his policies.

    Temptation is always great, but if you believe as I do that the people are the greatest source of power, and it is the people, not the wealthy, who make the country, then it is not hard to work tirelessly.

    ES - I have no present or future financial interest in the Solar industries. My position is to do as I would do in industry, capitalize on my strengths, sieze any opportunity when it presents, and gain a competitive advantage to defeat my competitors, and knowing when to do it.

    My positions are not for me, but for we.


    Source(s): The source, let me see, that may take some thought. I am who I am.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Y/A is now deleting questions and answers with no violation. I am not sure how much longer i will be on line... but keep up the fight Sly... keep up your faith and search for truth... it is God who watches over and protects us because the attempts of man are worthless. Without faith... we are are puppets of machinations of the evil ones. A thought for you to seriously consider as you struggle with righteousness... i highly recommend studying the Qur'an as it is a voice of Truth.

    i have cited scripture all along to make sure that i was not just following the dictates of my ego and being a puppet of evil forces that are most certainly real and active.

    consider the prayer Al-Fatiha very deeply for it is said that entire Qur'an is contained within those 7 often quoted verses... and is the essence of Islam. consider the Lord's Prayer very deeply for it is the essence of Christianity.

    without faith, we cannot have hope and without hope, we do not have love. these are my thoughts that i am sharing with you... my brother on the other side of the world. the storm clouds are gathering and i think that we are in for a rough ride. but with faith... i hang onto my hope and it is love that we were created to be.

    some thoughts for reflection.

    i really enjoyed seeing your video today... thank you.

    to answer your question... no... i have never heard of him before and i don't see it as an option.

    God bless and good night.

    Psalm 37 is well worth reading and thinking deeply about.

    It will help to keep your hope alive.

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  • 1 decade ago

    LATE EDIT~ ^ ^ ^ With respect, good luck to you Kent ^ ^ ^ Most people in this line of work have good intentions and aspirations to begin with until they get to power. Then, unfortunately the forces are against them as many a big business man who hang's out at the ole boys club gets to chatting with them and a few back handers later, Ministers suddenly work in the interests of these big businesses rather than for the people who pay them to run the country. However since this job is and always has been about taking from the working classes to make their lives a living hell, then unless you are some sort of special rare selfless case, promises very often are empty and devoid of meaning.

    Like I said with respect.

    Blair smiled and made empty promises to the British public then the oil tycoon Bush got all pally with him and it all went nasty.

    Power = Any excuse to control all power struggles have all the same outcome = Abuse of the system.

    People just want a fair deal they don't mind their bin contents being taken for recycling and a policeman on the case ( I mean really of the case) when they have been robbed, but the system has been robbed for many years now by the very people who are trusted to look after it.

    Abuse of power is rife and very rarely do politicians have morals but do a lot of preaching to look impressive.

    To the Politician who I referred he was on the level when conducting his business even when America tried to stitch him up. His eloquent style here proved his dedication to his cause. Look him up, Labour kicked him out because he was Anti the war in Afghanistan .

    Youtube thumbnail


    Loser?? Quite the opposite he won this case and it forced the Senator to step down for being such a fool for lying.

    My original answer~

    Those solar panels are quite expensive for most and don't save any money. (even though Nuclear is a very dangerous energy source which makes double its waste to run) We could all use an alternative for sure.

    We painted radiators black and encased them in a box with a glass lid and put them on the roof of our shed. These were then plumbed into our water heating system.

    Although we really want a windmill too but the last time we tried this a gale blow up it and whipped our proto type up and away and our neighbour a few doors down the road had to retrieve it from her garden.

    However here in Blighty I reckon we need something rain powered aswell as wave, wind and solar.

    Source(s): Loosing power the fascist regimes have is the way ahead and maybe use them as compost for tree planting. With respect to Kent he seemed too gently spoken to have people pay attention to him. America needs someone like Respect's leader George Galloway (ex-Labour party with issues) to take people into the real world were Politics is for the tough. Having said that Kent could get by on his eyebrow strength alone. ( <HERE a little joke you have fine eyebrows) My Answer is sorry no I hadn't maybe because he was way to quiet.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I doubt you will get many respondents as i found that it was only with the help of massive amounts of amphetamines that i was able to remain conscious throughout the entire clip. This guy should give up the green campaigning and get a job selling beds. Either that or seek a career as a Robert Maxwell impersonator.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Is Kent a solar panel power salesman?

    Source(s): ;)
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  • 1 decade ago

    i would definitely consider it

    but not from an eight minute clip

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  • 1 decade ago

    Not me

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  • 1 decade ago


    Source(s): Although I think we should definitely burn the Bush
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