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The University of Michigan?

I know that I have posted many times about my experiences, but the point that I am getting across is that in today's world something like this actually happens. Before I go on, I want to assure everyone that I AM SANE. Heres my story:

M y story begins back in September of 2007. I was going to college where I was viewed as a loner or a person that stayed to himself. What happened next, followed harassment by my dorm room of college kids my own age (Eventually a guard would be put below my window). I left the college, but it was in regards to a decision in career opportunities not met while at that college. Three months later (January of 2008), I decided to return (stupid) only to find harassment and stalking becoming ever more commonplace. In campus I was followed around, made fun of and harassed. Eventually, things that I would do in my apartment, people would know/repeat what would happen there. In fact every time I would move in my apartment, a car alarm would go off; deployed by the students that stayed in my building. Eventually it got so bad that there was a protest that happened below my apartment. I decided that I would move to another apartment that was offered by student housing. This was worse, being that this place was bugged, and a man inside a vehicle outside my apartment would yell degrading comments every time I would move in the apartment. Now through this experience comes a question as to how would you know your apartment was bugged? Well, I would here people talk about my apartment on the street, or hear the exact same songs being played in parties that would play in my apartment. Eventually it got so bad that people outside my apartment would yell I going to kill you!!! As well as kick the apartment wall outside my apartment. It was from this point that I decided to talk to the police. When I talked to them nothing got solved except the harassment being more intensified. Men outside my apartment were yelling degrading comments, students were demanding I "talk to someone" due to my loner behavior, and I began to become an outcast on the college's campus. Eventually being referred as a weirdo, psychopath and other degrading terms. When I decided to leave to go home, men came outside my dorm room demanded I stay at the college, and began to make death threats. It got so bad that I could see them outside the window making these threats. That is when I decided to call the cops a second time. When the cops came, they said there was no foot prints outside my window, and requested that I go to the hospital. While there I see the exact same guys that were there outside my window were there in the hospital (same guys that bugged me). Fearing for my life, I told the doctors that I was hearing voices and was put in a hospital. Thinking that everything would be alright, the people in the hospital said, that you should go back to the college and they began wearing the college's emblems (From one nightmare to the next). Eventually I got out of the hospital and went home to my parent's house. When I was there I found the wires in my basement messed up, and my house, and phone conversations "bugged". When I would go and walk on the street things that happened in my house, people would know about. In fact joke and talk about the ailments that happened in college. On top of that. While driving on the road, a phone company truck, and/or hospital van would show every single day. To top this off, every time I move in my own house, a car passes by with a person yelling out that you messed up and/or electrical pulses are sent through my house. On top of that they cause havoc in the world. For example, every time "I would mess up"(as said by people who yell past my house everyday) I would see problems within my community and the world even though it sounds crazy. Because of my hospitalization, if I bring this information up with my parents, they think I going nuts and think a higher dosage of medication will work......but I am not nuts. For crying out loud I faked the illness to escape that havoc. So my life has been a living hell ever since I decided to go back to that college in January. Since that time, my life has been of harassment, stalking, and my house and phone calls being bugged. It's as if there is nothing you can do anything about. I want to mention that most of the people in my home town changed their license plates to the license plates of the college I went to. Plus on top of that each neighbor I would wave hi too, guys in pick up trucks would go to their houses and install bugging equipment within their residences. I witnessed this happening. The last thing I want to add is that now every time I go past a cell phone, a third party participant yells degrading information over the phone. And everyone in my home town considers me a psychopath for leaving the college. To add further woe, when I left the country to visit a relative, these same things would happen there. The only difference was that when I would "mess up"(as said by the drivers), they would honk their horn. For example, if I would get up too fast, or start moving around a car would beep its horn. All these events that occurred are real though it sounds crazy. My illness was faked, but my experiences real. The college I went to: the University of Michigan. In terms of who is stalking/harassing me/electronic harassment or who bugged my parents house, cars, and my car: possibly a rogue law enforcement agency, or organization.

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    That's horrible! I can't believe things like that can even happen. I hope things get better for you. Good luck!

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    People are obviously scared of you and think you are threat if they are protesting you living there.

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