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how do I turn my gas guzzler car into all electric ?


xenypoo, you have a point there. Maybe I could just plug it in at nite................... in my neighbors outdoor outlet

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    Buy an electric car. But I wouldn't do that if I were you. You think you're paying high prices for gas? Wait until you get your electric bill for charging up the battery for your electric car!

  • trout
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    what's with this "leftist" hogwash, mate? We on the best value the aptitude of that technologies too. and that i'm adequate of a scientist that i will permit you recognize your every day Mail bit ignores a number of important factors bearing directly to electric automobile technologies that certainly make it a hell of so plenty greater environmentally friendly than are inner combustion engines. bear in recommendations, the Mail does not exist to permit you recognize the certainty, it exists to make money for its owners - and if bending the certainty and leaving out different truths grants a faux effect - oh properly, you obtain the paper and that's all they care approximately. the suitable use i will discover for the every day Mail is to line the backside of me pigeon coops!

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    With the rising cost of electricity I doubt if you would gain anything. The best solution to these problems seems to be getting a horse, riding it all over town to do one's errands, and then rejoice at all the manure the horse leaves behind.

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    Thought about the same thing. think I'll call Al gore, he has all the rest of the answers. maybe he will let this secret out. . but I have a feeling, he will tell me to buy a bike. LOL.No kidding.

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