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What am I to expect on a United Airlines flight to Hawaii?

First time to Hawaii on united. I am flying Economy. What am I to expect? Free drinks? Snacks? Meals? Flight duration is 5 hrs 30 mins

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    If you go to United's web-site:


    and look up your flight number, you should be able to find out what services are available

    flying economy, you won't get any free meal, maybe free drinks (non-alchoholic)

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    Expect very little, because that's what you'll get.

    United no longer offers meals in economy class on domestic flights, regardless of length. You can buy something for $5-$7. Or, you can carry on your own food. Soft drinks are free but you'll pay for alcoholic drinks. There will probably be a movie and some audio channels to listen to music. According to United's website, headsets are still (amazingly!) free.

    You can view information on food service, current movies, and audio channels on www.united.com

    Source(s): United Airlines website and personal experience flying on them.
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