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Dist. of Columbia?

Where is the District of Columbia? Is it a state, or a country? Does it come out on the U.S map?

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    The District of Columbia is a district that lies along the Potomac River, bordered by Maryland to the north and east, and Virginia to the south.

    The District is not a state, and has only non-voting representation in the US Congress. It's an incorporated city with a city government led by a mayor and a city council.

    Some groups have been fighting for years to get statehood for the District.

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    The District of Columbia is a creation of the US Constitution Art I,§8 clause 10 or so. Congress shall create a district for the seat of Government [No more than 10 miles square]. It was designed to be a neutral area from from politics.

    Its shape changed a bit during the Civil War. It is totally controlled by the Congress of the US.

    Stupidly, it has some quasi- people in the Congress due to an Amendment 23. The reason that it was not to have a vote in the national debates was due to the fact that its only function is government and the wise founding fathers knew from living examples in France, England, and Italy what happens when the seat of government starts writing cheques to itself.

    Prior to FDR's expansion of government --- it was a sleepy but functioning Southern town.

    Prior to Pres. Wilson's (D) resegregation of the city and all of the federal civil service, it was the nearing the fulfillment of the promises of equality made to Blacks.

    Read about the reaction of Washington and other cities after Theodore Roosevelt (R) invited Booker T. Washington to dinner in the White House on Oct 16 1901.

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    Where: W 77 degrees 2.16 minutes, N 38 degrees 54.06 minutes.

    State: No

    Country: No

    Map: Yes, on the U.S. map

    Source(s): CP
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    It is Washington DC, and it is a city, it is not in a state, but it is located in between Maryland and Virginia. Its also the capital of the US.

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    it's about 240 miles

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    its washington DC

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