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what is the best type of food to eat if you want to always have iron levels???

i do eat alot of meat and vegetables but what else can i eat to raise my iron level to where it is always between38 and 40??? the reason i am asking this question is because i donate plasma and sometime if my iron is too low i can't donate so i am wondering what should i eat more of besides peas and green beans to raise my iron levels??? 10 points for best answer thanks

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    Hi, here is some info and the source below, hope it helps.

    The amount of iron you absorb from food depends on how much iron you have stored in your body. People with low iron levels absorb more. The amount of iron you absorb also depends on the type of iron. Heme iron, found in meat, fish and poultry, is well absorbed. Non-heme iron, found in grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, is not as well absorbed.

    By eating certain foods at the same time, your body can absorb more non-heme iron. Eat vitamin C rich foods at each meal to get the most non-heme iron from foods, including cantaloupe, honeydew, grapefruit, kiwi fruit, oranges, papaya, mango, most berries, pineapple, citrus juices, vitamin C enriched juices, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, peppers, potatoes and tomatoes.

    Foods containing heme iron can also help absorb non-heme iron if eaten at the same time. Examples of food combinations that help you to get the most iron include:

    * Split pea soup (non-heme iron) with some ham (heme iron);

    * Iron fortified breakfast cereal (non-heme iron) with an orange or half a grapefruit (vitamin C); and

    * Whole wheat pasta with lentils (non-heme iron) and tomato sauce (vitamin C).

    To increase the amount of non-heme iron in foods, cook with cast-iron or stainless steel cookware. You can also drink tea or coffee one hour after meals, rather than with meals. These beverages can reduce the amount of non-heme iron absorbed from foods.

    Do I need an iron supplement?

    Some people may need iron supplements, but iron supplements are not recommended for everyone. Do not take iron supplements unless your doctor recommends them. Iron supplements or too much iron can be harmful to some people and especially children. For example, those with hemochromatosis absorb too much iron and should not take iron supplements.


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    foods with high amount of iron may include fish and or lettuce then make sure to eat foods with a good source of protien as well as that can also bring up your iron levels and help you out there.

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