How can I build my own Trellise???

I really want a trellise for my yard that attaches to my exsisting fence...they are too expensive for me too buy right now but is there any way i can build one myself and how would i do it??

Update 2:

This is a picture of what i want to build....and i want to put wisteria to grow on it

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    I bought a bundle of bamboo sticks for the garden and made my trellis with that. It's pretty simple, just get wire ties or twine and tie them together. You can use a nail and bend it over the stick to hold it to the fence (if your fence is wood). Or you can use the twine/ties to hold it to the fence.

    Good luck!

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    It depends on the shape and size you want. I used cotton string for the morning glories-- that worked out very well. A lot of trellises only have to be temporary skeletons untill your plant assumes its shape. What are you training? Tell me a plant and I will tell you a plan.

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    Sure, though grafting it to an existing fence may be difficult for several structural reasons.

    What do you want to trellis? Different plants tend to need different structures... many climbing roses, for instance, tend to go straight up, but cane fruit like raspberries need long horizontal supports.

    Source(s): botanist
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    go to lowes and buy the book on trellises published by creative homeowner. It has step by step instructions on how to build one.

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