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My rabbit died this week...?

My rabbit died this week while having a minor op at the vets. We tried so hard to revive him.

I miss him loads, my younger siblings want me to get a new bunny to replace him and help cheer me up. Is this a good idea?


maybe i should have put more...

Is this a good idea as he died on wednesday this week!? Is it too soon?

Update 2:

I have 2 other bunnies anyways to still look after even though they are my mum's, but this one that died was my own little baby!

I also brought him a new hutch last saturday, he only lived in it for 3 days before he passed away, and seeing an empty hutch is quite sad!

Update 3:

He was only young, 2 and half years old!! Thats makes it even sadder for me

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    I'm am very sorry for your loss, I know how you feel, and my heart really goes out to you. (one star for you) I really hope you can feel better soon about his passing, just remember the good times and know how much he was loved. I would suggest waiting a bit to greive and let your feelings out; if it's too soon you might start to hold things in. Wait about a week, and, when you feel better, a new bunny might be good to help get your mind off of this. Just know that you can never replace your rabbit, rather, it would be helping a new soul and preoccupying your time. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you can feel better soon. I hope I helped!

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    Some people think you need to wait but if you are ready to love and care for another rabbit then get one. I missed my dog of 13 yrs so much that I found the perfect dog, a rescue, in three weeks.

    I still miss Sophie and I still cry sometimes but I have a sweet little dog to hold and love.

  • So sorry for your loss! Hope you feel better soon!

    You should get a new rabbit only if you think so. Sometimes when grieving it's nice to have a pet by you, but look at it reasonably, too: do you have the time and money to devote to a new rabbit? If you do, and you think that it's a good idea, go for it!

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    You probably should wait a couple days or however long it takes you to get over this. I think getting another one is a great idea though! Just don't rush it.... sorry for the loss of your pet=(

    Good luck!

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    Check the Rainbow Bridge for help grieving about your loss.


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    Yes it will help you get over the death of the last one very quickly

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    of course,it's ok to get a new bunny.

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    How about you get a big snake and a bunny.

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