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Family Issues...Step-mum?

My dad is getting married to my mums ex-best friend who he had an affair with. She acts all nice to us when dad is around but its all an act. Dad doesnt give a damn about me and my brother and he wont talk to us about it and tries to act like everything is 'all right' between me and her. She has now decided to get outfits with out me so il end up going in my tracky bottoms iof i do go. I dont actually want to go to the wedding either. Should i go? What can i say to her that doesnt involve me being nice?


BTW my mum IS alive. And i do live with my mum mostly but i do live with dad quite a bit as well

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    Well this woman was never your mothers best friend and both her and your father stabbed your Mom in the back. I would not want any part of their sick relationship either especially since it is such a selfish one. Keep your loyalty to your mother and if your Dad wants to spend time with you tell him it will only be with him when he wants to see you.

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    You have a right to your opinion. Sorry, your dad is wrong to cheat on your mom, especially with her "best friend". Your dad doesn't respect you or anyone else. I wouldn't go to the wedding. If it is all an act, which I suspect is the case, he is getting what he deserves and all you have to do is sit back and watch his life unravel. Some day, he may appreciate what he lost when he stepped out on your family to be with her. It will be sad for him when that day comes. Take care of yourself and look after your brother, you need each other now.

    Your step mom can't make you wear certain clothes or go to the wedding. You don't have to say anything, just that you are not planning to go. Sorry about your situation. Stay strong!!

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    You're dads going through this decision whether you like it or not. Theres nothing you can do at this point to change his mind. If its wrong for him to marry her - which it is - then your going to have to let him make that wrong decision.

    Respect your father no matter what - and that does include his wife. You don't have to be her best friend, but you do need to respect her. You need to be there at the wedding. Its your dad.

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    Give what you can give in honesty from your own heart. Don't go to the wedding in a bad spirit-- better for everyone if you stay home. Can you send a card saying you hope they will have some happiness together? You can say the same thing to your mom, as it is likely she will one day find a partner to share her life. It is always a small kindness to wish for someone's happiness--- life can be hard.

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    Things would be easier for you if you will just, be yourself, and be nice, this is your dad's wife, and his business, Now if you want peace in your home, just do what you have to do, so you can get along with your step-mom, she has not done nothing to you. Be happy, and take some of the stress of your self, life is too short.

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    been there, done that. having step parents sucks! and i hate to tell you, but it doesn't really get better. you're dad doesn't want to "listen" to you because you are the child and this is the woman that he "risked it all for". if you really don't want to be a part of it all, you can just let it all out on her. just be warned that if and when you do, the result will more than likely be that you will no longer really be a part of your dad's life.

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    unfortunately, sometimes fathers can be a bit selfish, and put their needs ahead of their children's. yes, you have to go to the wedding-it doesn't mean you are best pals with his wife, you go because he is your dad. i dont think that you have to be huge friends with his wife-she isn't your new mother, just dads wife-so just concentrate on being a good daughter-you just need to visit with dad, not the step mom. you have to give that relationship time to develop. and as long as you are polite, you dont have to love her, just be polite.

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    Why should you go to the wedding. This was your mom's best friend once. Now she's with your dad. You couldn't make me go to that wedding on a bet.

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    whoever it was that said her step mum has done nothing wrong, you dont know her, do you? :\ tbh, i dont know why your dad is marrying someone who his kids hate. iv already talked to you on msn, so il leave it there ;] ilyy x

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