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What is Bayesian Clustering?

Some bayesian articles i saw on some sites are too complicated for me.

Can someone answer:

What is Bayesian Clustering?

And how do we do it?

And an example?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Let me quote from a Wikipedia article:

    "Bayesian techniques have recently been applied to filter spam e-mail. A Bayesian spam filter uses a reference set of e-mails to define what is originally believed to be spam. After the reference has been defined, the filter then uses the characteristics in the reference to define new messages as either spam or legitimate e-mail. New e-mail messages act as new information, and if mistakes in the definitions of spam and legitimate e-mail are identified by the user, this new information updates the information in the original reference set of e-mails with the hope that future definitions are more accurate."

    Now, what does that mean in plain English? The most popular use of Bayesian analysis is to look for (and eliminate) spam. When you look at your email, you get a sense of 'what a spam email looks like' after you've seen a number of them. You mentally build a model -- if its ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS, or it has a lot of exclamation points!!!!!, or it uses the word Viagra, or V1agra, or Viaga -- it's probably spam. What the Bayesian analysis does is use statistical methods to do this same kind of model building -- noting the characteristics of the emails that you've said are spam to determine 'what a spam email looks like'. It then applies these rules to new emails, making a decision about whether they're spam based on how much the new emails look like the ones you've said are spam.

    Does that help?

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