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How should I learn martial arts quickly?

How should learn martial arts quickly? Which one would be best for me? According to expert human body has 300 or more weak point. So how should I learn about those weak points? If I want to fight & win then I have to know about weak points. So is there any website where I can learn about it free?

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    first..there is a big difference between the body's weak points. and pressure points.

    if you want to learn quickly..ignore pressure points, and traditional styles such as karate, kung fu, taekwondo.

    find yourself a krav maga, jeet kune do, or other modernized self defense system that doesn't beat around the bush. i often recommend vee arnis jitsu, and Hock Hockheims scientific fighting congress. others include tony blauer, jim wagners reality based self defense.

    presure points have alot of confusing theory that will take years to master and even then you might miss...half of it is nonsense in my opinion. others will disagree.

    weak points however on the body are areas that generally you cannot protect. such as your joints. top of your head, temples, eyes, nose, throat, chin/jaw, neck, solar plexus, groin, knees, ankles, tops of feet, fingers...etc ..focus on those.

    there are well over 300 "pressure points" on the body. which can lead to confusion in the heat of a fight. but only a handful of "weak areas"...which you are most likely to be able to attack at any given moment.

    i may or may not be able to his your liver 3 point, then your triple warmer 17, then gall bladder 46 pressure might work, i doubt it, but just maybe. ...but if i punch you in the throat i guarantee ill get your attention.

    traditional arts are ok, but they are usually "fighting" arts. and take a long time to learn to a level of any proficiency. mma, judo, boxing etc..can be learned quickly (good place to BEGIN training)...but they have rules and are limited in their application on the street.

    modern self defense oriented arts, or military/police tactical arts get straight to the nuts and bolts of defending yourself now (not in a few years) and have no rules.

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    You can't learn any martial art quickly. To learn a ma properly takes years of practice and dedication.

    I wouldn't advise you to learn without an instructor. Chances are, you'll be doing the moves wrong, and run the risk of injuring yourself seriously. You need an instructor to correct the little mistakes you make and explain moves to you properly.

    As for the weak points - only an instructor should teach you that. It's wrong to give people information that could be harmful towards other people unless you know they're reponsible enough to know not to use it except in extreme conditions. Since you're talking about getting into fights, I doubt that you're responsible enough. Any martial artist knows not to instigate a fight on purpose. The rules are to fight only in self defence, if you can't escape the situation first.

    If you have the patience and maturity to go and learn a ma, then look for classes that are available in your area. Most instructors will give you a free class so you can see whether you like it or not. Try a few different places and see which you like best.

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    If you want to learn about the pressure points in the human body, you will need to focus more on medicinal/theraputic arts, THEN martial arts if you have any intensions to apply them in combat.

    When studying martial arts, the main importance is to learn about YOUR body first, NOT your opponents.

    My cousin studies oriental therapy and medicine, I'm not sure if this is what she uses, but it's pretty similar.

    It's not free though, sorry. I don't think it should ever be free nor quick either.

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    There are no shortcuts. It takes time, sacrifice and a lot of hard work if you want to learn a martial art. Of course the more that you put into it the more you'll get out of it.

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    You can not learn quickly. You must master tecniques slowly and move on to the next tecnique once you have praticed and mastered the learned tecnique. It takes years to become a high ranked belt in Martial Arts.

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    no point leaning about your opponents weak point if you can not get to it.

    Better to training hard first.

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