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How the hell do you makeout?

k so me and this girl have hugged kissed on the lips like in and out not making out and we hug hold hands she wants to make out how tho what are the moves and how do i do it

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    1)Making-out is about the passion. If you don't have passion, don't read this. Most guys say they don't have passion, trust me, you do, you just have to find it. But if you're not confident, don't do it.

    2)Make sure you are in a place you and your girl are comfortable in. Good places to start is a bed (note: some girls may feel awkward or nervous if you begin making out on a bed, she may think you want more than just kissing), a couch or even under the stars. One thing to keep in mind is the awkwardness of people walking in on you, so make sure your parents/siblings/friends aren't in the next room.

    3)Music. Music is optional, however sparks fly a lot more when there is some good background music playing or music that you and your girl like. This step isn't essential and make sure you know what type of music your girl likes.

    4)Starting. Starting is very important, can often be fun and can also be very awkward if you don't know what you're doing. Flirting is essential this step. The goal of flirting is to make a girl have fun. This can be accomplished by joking around, wrestling, teasing, or dancing " but remember too much can be too much, so moderation must be found.

    5)During the process of flirting, you will find yourself physically closer to her and/or looking into her eyes. This is the point where the you must make the first kiss. Whatever you do, don't get nervous and if you already are, kissing will take that away. Lean your body closer to hers and gently pull her chin towards yours or brush her hair away from her eyes. Don't pucker up your lips like you kissing your Aunt Sally, but keep in a natural position. Now bring your lips closer to hers until they touch and slowly close your lips tighter and when you pull away after a second or so of contact open your lips back to a normal position. Now go in for a second kill and do the same thing. Do this two or three times. Don't kiss her lips in the same spot, move around and kiss her neck/forehead/nose/ears or kiss the area around her lips. This is the main part of making-out, however is very boring if its all you guys do.

    6)Follow the tips below to make your making out experience less kissy-kissy.


    1)Sift through her hair with your fingers and brush her ears.

    2)Hold her like a baby. Some women are fragile and like to be handled accordingly.

    3)Don't kiss only her lips- share the wealth. Girls love it when you kiss their necks, particularly the spot where her shoulder connects to their neck. As well, licking or biting (GENTLY!) her ear (especially her earlobes and upper ear) can feel great, too. (Note: Some girls are more ticklish than others- Some may find that this tickles too much to feel good. Also if this is your first time kissing that girl, you may find this is something she is not comfortable doing- she'll let you know by moving away slightly or simply telling you it's not her thing. Just go back to her mouth)

    4)Break away momentarily. Then as you move back towards her to continue, touch your lips together gently but do not kiss- just tease her by sliding your lips across hers. This technique can drive her CRAZY and make her extremely passionate when you finally do kiss her.

    5)Look her in her eyes, but not while your kissing her, close your eyes while you kiss and when you pull back look in her eyes. This is difficult because your natural reaction is to look at her with your lips pressed against her. It is rude to have your eyes open during a kiss.

    6)Take a break and smile at her and tell her something sweet, like "Your Beautiful"

    7)Before you kiss her, rub your thumb softly against the bottom of her lip or against her cheek and smile at her - she will usually smile or giggle and then take that chance to kiss her.

    8)Just press your lips against her and let her play with your lips.

    9)Tell her that she is beautiful/gorgeous.

    10)Don't get too fast, if you catch yourself going too fast, just slow down.

    11)Cuddle and hold her closer to you and look her in the eyes.

    12)Wet/Dry Kiss- don't make it too much of either! Saliva's pretty gross, because you've got to keep swallowing, and the 'gulping' sound isn't that attractive. Be sure to apply a bit of lip balm (not stick or gloss - too sticky and messy) to allow for a smooth kiss.

    13)Remember not to take total control of the situation. Let your partner make a few moves of their own.

    14)Don't be scared. If it's the first time for both of you, she'll probably feel just as nervous.


    It's a good idea to make a quick bathroom run (if you're at home) before you make a move for several reasons. You don't want to have to go to the bathroom in the middle of a good make-out session. Another tip is to hide a toothbrush and toothpaste/mouthwash in the nearest bathroom before your date if you're at your own residence. This allows you to ensure good breath before you swap spit. Going to the bathroom also gives you an excuse to change your position when you get back, allowing you to get closer to your partner to make the first move.


    Keep your hands concentrated on her face, head or neck. Unless she loves it, DO NOT grab her butt/breasts/inner legs.

    BE GENTLE. Again, girls are very fragile and don't like to be man-handled.

    Please note that girls do have boobs that can be painful if you hug TOO tight

    DO NOT stick your tongue in her nose.

    You probably shouldn't tell the girl you read a guide on how to kiss (unless you're SURE she'd think it was cute).

    If she doesn't seem to like it, stop immediately.

    Many girls are not comfortable with french kissing. Especially at first!

    Do not chew gum if it is your first time.

    DO NOT lick her neck, ears, or anything if she isn't into. If she likes that kind of thing or you do, talk about and see how it goes.

    DO NOT start to pull off her shirt/bra strap. Girls usually do not like this as it is a form of manhandling and they'll feel uncomfortable.

    Things You'll NeedMints/Gum/Binaca before you start.

    Lit scented candles can make for a romantic session.

    Lip balm. it isn't girly if it doesn't have flavor. Scratchy lips are not pleasant for girls and guys alike, so if you don't want her kissing you with chapped lips, don't kiss her with chapped lips!

    good luck

    hope i helped you!!

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    Dude... first off lighten up on it, if your asking questions on here your pretty stressed... no worries though. Sit down next to her. Throw an arm around her. Say something sappy like "I love holding onto you" it doesnt matter what. Go in slow and kiss her then lean back and stare into her eyes. Go back in and kiss her again but this time dont lean back out. Give her some slow kisses. Dont open your mouth over hers or anything gross like that. Be soft make sure not to shove your tounge down her throat. Girl dont mind a little tounge but they dont want you to test their gag reflex. Anyways once you get to where your continuously kissing lean her down onto your arm and lay over her and continue. Dont try to feel her up the first time though.

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    when you are old enough to make out it will just come to you.... because your hormones will be racing through your body and you will know exactly what you want to do... but untill then it will just be awkward for both of untill you feel a burning desire to kiss her you probably shouldnt be making out with any one.... i dont mean to sound patronising but its a fact... if you see holding hands as a big step your probably not mature enough to be making out....

    Source(s): started kissing way to early... enjoy being young and innocent as long as you can...
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  • 1 decade ago

    When you go to make out with someone, its simple. Basically all you do is kiss, and in between kisses, open your mouth, slide your tongue in and basically play with their tongue with yours. You can even just make a licking motion on their tongue. It takes practice at first, and eventually you'll find a way to do it that's comfortable for you.

    Hope i helped =)

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    i dont think u have to have a manual to figure this one out..hehe

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  • 1 decade ago

    go to google and search for "sex", u will get truckload of instruction there. good luck.

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