Marvel vs DC?

Who Do You Think will Win?

Superman vs The Hulk

Batman vs Captain America

Wonder Woman vs Storm

The Flash vs Quicksilver

Green Lantern vs Silver Surfer

Superboy vs Spiderman

Lobo vs Wolverine

Steel vs Iron Man

Power Girl vs Ms.Marvel

Huntress vs Elektra

Shazam (Captain Marvel) vs Thor

Robin vs Jubilee

Lex Luthor vs Magneto

The Joker vs Green Goblin

X-Men vs Teen Titans

Justice League Of America vs The Avengers

And Finally:

Marvel vs DC,who's the winner?

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    The Hulk.The madder he gets,the stronger he gets.

    Physical Fight-Captian America/Battle of wits- Batman

    The Flash

    Silver Surfer has a lot more power.

    Lobo.He's as strong as superman.


    Power Girl-Strong as superman


    Thor-RealGod vs Fake one.

    Robin-Better trained.


    The Joker

    X-Men-They out number and out power them.

    JLA-They out number and out power them.


  • 1 decade ago

    Most of that has happened by now, but I guess I'll throw in my opinion...

    Superman has a higher intellect than the Hulk, not to mention all of his other sometimes dopey abilities, Kal wins.

    Batman has more gadgets than Captain America, perhaps smarter, plus isn't Captain America dead right now?

    Storm'd beat Wonder Woman easily.

    Well the Flash and Quicksilver...That's hard to say. Quicksilver is an *** sometimes, ultimate Quicksilver is into the twincest, so I'm gonna just go with the Flash.

    The Silver Surfer, he's just more powerful.

    Spider-Man would win hands down, he's got more experience.

    Lobo scares me...But I'm cluess as to who would win. They're both immortal, so, wtf.

    Well Steel used to be actually Steel, then I'd say he had a chance, but Tony Stark has all of that money that he could easily build something to thump the chump.

    Ms. Marvel could suck up anything Power Girl throws at her.

    I'm so much more of a Huntress fangirl, but Elektra has more agility.

    Thor. Thor wins everything. Thor has a hammer.

    Well Jubilee may be easy on the eyes, but her powers? Neh. Robin wins. Jubilee doesn't even have powers anymore...


    The Joker is an evil genius, the Green Goblin fails at everything he tries (unless it's making Peter Parker cry which isn't saying much)

    X-Men, for a number of reasons. Waaaaaay more X-Men, waaaaaay better powers. And Teen Titans couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag.


    DC wins, because they don't rely on bringing back every other character after killing them off. The also don't rely on making numerous films, even if they start to get sucky.

    In my opinion, DC is more quality orientated. Marvel is more quanity.

  • 5 years ago

    Marvel has ripped off many things from dc and marvel tends to get cheesy with things. Dc is older than marvel has stronger heroes than marvel has better villains than marvel and the justice league was a super hero team before it was cool plus dc has the better more mature fan base I'm sorry but Dc wins super man can take hulk and Thor it won't be easy though and super man fought Thor once and won. Quicksilver ripped off flash and flash seems to have more powers than quicksilver the rest of the fights dc wins hands down

  • 1 decade ago





    Silver Surfer



    Iron Man

    Ms Marvel





    The Joker


    Justice League of America


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This has all happened

    Supe v.s. Hulk , it took everything supe had to beat the hulk

    Batman v.s. cap, cap only lost because batman is a cheater in the dark! But they've also worked together.

    wonderwoman and storm, storm whoops her some wonder woman

    the flash v.s. pietro....quicksilver loses cause he has a huge overconfidence problem

    green lantern and the surfer, definately the surfer, the power cosmic pwns!

    superboy v.s. spiderman(ben riley), i know spidey wins. cause super boy is a novice

    Lobo v.s. Wolverine, wolverine won cause lobo is a chump.

    steel v.s. iron man, i think iron man would have won

    power girl v.s. ms marvel is definately ms marvel's fight

    huntress v.s. elektra is going to elektra, she beat catwoman she can beat the dumb huntress

    THOR destroys shazaam

    robin beats jubilee cause her powers suck

    come on luthor and magnus? Luthor couldnt stand a chance with whatever stupid tech he tried

    the joker would laugh while melting the green goblins face

    X-Men and teen titans, thats just silly! even the young avengers could beat the teen titans

    JLA and the avengers is ultimately the avengers fight

    and Darkseid v.s. galactus darkseid wins

    the winner at the end of it all is Marvel, cause DC doesnt make enough money anymore.

    I think more ambalgam characters would have rocked, I mean Dark Claw was awesome!

  • 1 decade ago

    I think there was a couple of volumes concerning most of the characters you list. It seemed like most of the DC heroes won their bouts. Superman with his telescopic vision mentioned how Marvel's earth was slightly smaller than DC's.

    Superman beat Thor. Green Lantern beat Iron Man. The Flash beat Quicksilver, etc.

    Source(s): Steel is just Iron Man with a cape.
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    5 years ago


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


  • Superman

    Captain America

    Wonder women

    The Flash

    Silver surfer



    Iron Man








    Justice league


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Definately a draw.

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