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Cat pooping outside the litter box??

One of my cats has been shitting outside the litter box for months now. Even when the litter is clean and new. We have rugs down in the closet with the litter boxes. But we vacuum the litter up and she still is pooping on it. Any idea why or how I can fix this?

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    this is usually related to the type of litter in the tray , or an association of pain or unpleastness with using the litter tray. often, the paper around the tray will be scratched up in an attempt to dig and cover.

    -make sure that no other cat has been using the box - cats hate sharing.

    -make sure it is clean and fresh.

    if there is no apparent problem, have the cat checked by the vet. this could be a bladder/bowel problem, causing pain for your cat to get into the box. an old cat may have arthritis, making it uncormfortable to climb and balance in the box.

    if the cat is healthy, change the type of litter. offer different types in different boxes, and see which one, if any, it uses.

    another reason - it may have been chased by another cat when digging in the box, and so is afraid to climb into the area. if you cannot solve the problem, consult an animal behavourist.

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    Medical problems can lead to this. If the cat has used the litter box without a problem before, a checkup would be a good idea, it could associate the litter box with pain. A change of litter can also do this.

    Then you have to answer the psychological questions. How close are you and those in the house, with the cat. Have there been any big changes, a new cat, different people, working hours, a pet dieing. This could be a sign that the cat is dealing with an emotional issue.

    Try a vet check-up, see what they say.

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    This is a common problem for which no one has come up with an answer that I know of. Has their been a change in their lives? Cats react pretty strongly to even the mildest changes in their lives. Try putting a puppy pad under the litter box... this usually extends way beyond the area of the litter box and will catch the poop so it doesn't go on the floor. Hopefully, whoever is doing this, will outgrow the behavior if the conditions that started it settle down. If the problem continues or gets worse, maybe a trip to the vet with them would not be out of order. One of them could have a problem that you are unaware of. Good luck and write again if you feel I can help.

    Note: 1 litter pan per 2 cats.

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    Perhaps she needs a larger litter box. Some times they can't gauge the edge of the box very well. Maybe you could fix some stiff cardboard up above the edge that she is messing from so it doesn't go over the side or put something in the box at either end to stop her from going that far down the box to poop, forcing her to stay in the middle of the box. Hopefully this is making sense to you as I can't draw a diagram in this reply. If you mean that she is pooping outside the box altogether, without even trying to keep it in there, you will have to make sure there is no area around the box i.e. a smaller cupboard that only the box fits in. Hope this helps.

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    You say "One of my cats..." How many cats do you have and how many litter boxes? Conventional theory is that 1 box per cat is good and maybe she just doesn't want to share. I have 3 cats and 2 large litter boxes with lids and it seems to work out well.

    I agree with the other posters as well. Next time she has to go to the vet, ask him about it.

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    Cats go outside the box if they have an infection such as a UTI ( urinary tract infection) or impacted anal glands. Make an appointment with the vet for a check up.

    Also, don't clean the box with citrus cleaners. Use the same cleaner as cats do not like change. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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    make sure you scoop the poop up and put it in the litter box, so they know thats where it goes. Do the other cats allow her to use the litter box? They could be chasing her away, forcing her to find an alternative.

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    does the cat have a fav spot outside the box and if so put the box in that spot. sounds like u have multiple cats ..u need another box if u dont have 1 already. My cat did this and he was an old fart that hated to share. who wants to smell someone elses crap so i got an extra box and kept throwing him in it after sticking his face in poop. eventually he stopped

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    some cats have a genitic trait that makes it so they dont like to use litter boxes so they wont use it. your cat might have this trait. if so she will need a doggie door to get outside when she has to go

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    Yeah, mine does too...

    I figured she's just being finickey. I just scoop it back in, resolving to clean more often as I do so.

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