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JJ Redick underachiever?

JJ Redick is one of the best three point/free throw shooters in NCAA history. He holds many NCAA records. He reminds me off a younger Ray Allen. But why is he not playing in the NBA? Are the Magic nuts?!?!?


Who is he not that good? his free throw percentage in collage was like 97 percent. I think he needs to be traded. His talent is being wasted.

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    He is the definition of a good college player that doesn't translate to a good NBA player.

    Shorter 3 pt. line in college, and years at Duke playing against guys who will never make a single dollar playing basketball.

    JJ can catch and shoot but to compare him to Ray Allen is crazy. Ray has the total package in shooting and penetrating. JJ does not.

    He is undersized and not athletic.

    I have nothing against him personally but everyone should have seen this coming, did anyone actually think that he could guard NBA 2 guards?

    Kobe, Tmac, Dwade, not going to happen.

    Having him on the floor is more of a liability because of his limitations than the chance he can knock down a shot over a defender that is 4 to 6 inches taller than anyone who guarded him in college.

    The Langdon comparison earlier was great, but 6 foot plus college spot up shooters do not translate into NBA players, I even think the Kerr comparison is off because Kerr could run a point if he had to, JJ couldn't.

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    Redick's defense is below average - if he can play D in Ray Allen's level (actually Allen is not a spectecular defender), he should get 20 minutes a game, yet he always looks half step slower while chasing his man (not to mention he can't absorb much bumps) and leaves enough room for opponents to have a second of good look and shoot. This is something fatal because points Redick scored are more or less the same to points scored on Redick by opponents.

    Redick's offense is less impressed, too. A notable problem is his hesitation to shoot (even at open look). My courtside obversation tells that his teammates trust his shooting but he simply loses his confidence to make shots.

    I think Redick should stay firm to get transfer or he will follow Trajan Langdon's footstep.

  • The reason why he is not that good is because he would give up more than he would score. Unless a team is going to make him the star and revovle the offense around screens for him, which no team is gona do that, he will never be any good in the nba. ray allen is a much better all around athlete redick just shoots.

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    JJ Redick has an excellent shot yet he choked each 365 days on the NCAA experience. He won't be in a position to deal with stress and that's no sturdy. No NBA participant needs you on the gang in case you won't be in a position to be there at crunch time because of the fact NBA gamers get an advantage examine each recreation they enhance contained in the playoffs (it is the NBA gets sturdy throughout the time of playoffs because of the fact they play like they actually care). JJ is unquestionably no longer seeing any taking part in time. His recreation is resembling Trajon Langdon who performed for Duke years in the past (sorry won't be in a position to spell the call). coach ok loves shooters, subsequently Langdon and Redick, yet the place is Trajon now? no person is conscious? He became drafted and contained in the league for a rapid time. contained in the NBA you won't be able to easily be a shooter, you're able to be a scorer. coach ok became a drill sergeant and ran an offense with various monitors. contained in the NBA that does no longer happen coaches contained in the NBA won't be in a position to make their gamers do something---they attempt yet incredibly what are you able to do to Ben Wallace, oh yeah nice him $5000 for his hair? you're able to make your guy or woman shot because of the fact if Shaq does not experience like placing you a demonstrate screen, wager what, he can no longer set you a demonstrate screen. Ask Kobe, he discovered the problematic way. JJ might final 5 years tops till he develops a extreme go-over

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    he needs more time to prove he can hang in the league. hope he's practicing hard in the meanwhile. so what that gotta do with anything. like dude below said Trajan ain't do s*** in the league and he used to shoot the lights out as well. i see him as a Kerr, Paxson or Tim Legler b4 the injury type. come off screens n pop the shot. he never was no Ray Allen. Ray can create his own shot, pull up off the dribble of go in the lane and bang on u. maybe not now cuz he's older but never saw J.J. do that 1! i hope he's better than Kapono cuz all that dud can do is shoot. can free himself for a shoot either. your not guarded in the 3 point contest! lol

  • Cause he isnt that good. He is just like another Trjen Langdon anyone. JJ Redick is not good. Just casue he can shoot the 3 ball. No not close to Ray Allen. More Steve Kerr if anything.

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    JJ Redick just sucks. Sure he can hit all the open three pointers in the world but in the game with "D" on him he does nothing and he plays no Defense at all.

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    He was a good player in the Dook system. He is not athletic or strong enough to play defense or drive to the basket in the NBA. For every 3 pointer he makes, he gives up 4 lay-ups or gets called for a foul.

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    He needs alot more playing time! He can shoot the lights out! Hes like Jason Kapono!

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    Dude, just because your good at 3's and FT's doesn't mean your going to be good...

    he's not athletic enough and he can't play good D.

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