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Are Yahoo MMA experts a little naive to believe people do not know who Fedor is?

For the most part a very high percentage of the population that can afford PPV events, is capable of affording internet access.

If a person is an MMA fan he has been hearing Fedor's name, over and over again since Randy Couture called him out last year. I feel that a very high percentage of even casual MMA fans, that are willing to pay for a PPV, have checked out the free youtube videos of Fedor. So, all these hype about how the general population has no clue about fedor, but know so much about Griffin or some other UFC fighter makes me feel they believe we're really dumb and not capable of using youtube.

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    let me clear a few thing's up that people have said above.

    first off all he's fighting tim silvia because that's who affliction put him against. it would have been randy but he still has legal issues to sort out with the ufc. randy v fedor wil happen this year.(i hope).

    to the guy who said he's never fought anyone big in the u.s. o.k he has never had a big fight in the u.s. but that dosent mean he hasnt fought the best fighters in the world. he's fought current u.f.c interim heavyweight champion big nog 3 time's beating him three time(one because off a cut). he's beat former u.f.c heavyweight champion mark coleman(twice). he also has notable win's over cro cop, matt lindland, kevin randleman, babulu and heath herring. so tim silvia or any u.f.c heavyweight will be small fry for fedor.

    the mma fan's who dont know him should be ashamed because by the end of this year he will be the best p4p fighter on the planet. so if you watch mma this is the guy to be watching.

    i think the people who claim to practice mma and claim to not know who he is are even worse. because if you want to learn how to become a great fighter i think you should study the best fighter's out there, and fedor is the man.

    anyway by the end of this year everybody will know who fedor is. he's schedulaed to fight three more time's this year. once against tim silvia. then the winner of fedor and tim will fight the winner of josh barnet and pedro rizzo(probaly for the affliction heavyweight title). and they havnt annouced who the third fight will be against but i hope and pray every day that it will be against randy coutre. but if not it will probaly be against cro cop or andre arvlovski. my prediction is 3 fedor win's and he move's back up to the top of the p4p chart.(all in 6 months.

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    I don't know what your talking about. I think even casual MMA fans know who Fedor is.

    The problem with Fedor is that he hasnt fought a serious against a heavyweight since 2005.

    His last fight against a real fighter (Middleweight Matt Lindland) was not an impressive performance. Lindland cut Fedor badly, and picked him up to slam him twice, but Fedor cheated by grabbing on to the top rope to prevent being slammed. Lindland was doing some ground and pound and Fedor caught him in his signature armbar, but by all account, Fedor was losing badly up to that point.

    Fedor has also never fought in a cage, which makes a big difference regarding angles and pursuit.

    I think Tim Sylvia will be his first real test against a legitimate heavyweight since 2005.


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    I'm not sure what your talking about. I have been interested in the sport for a couple of years now. and the simple fact is when you first get started in learning mma his name pops up every where. on the other hand I work with some guys who love the ufc and didn't know who Shogun Rua was before he fought Griffin and still don't Know who Fedor is. This is just me though. I started training and fighting mma and the guys at the gym call me 'encyclopedia' because how much I have studied the sport

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    Mabe if you became a fan in the past month or 2 but beyond that i would figure you would know Fedor. I do and my friends do and I never considered knowing him to mean I know a lot about the ufc and also he said MMA not martial arts

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    It's only the "The Ultimate Fighter" generation who don't know who Fedor is. True MMA fans know all about him.

    How come Tim Sylvia is fighting Fedor? Did he jump the line? What about Randy?

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    to the guy who said fedor cheated and grabbed the ropes. .... he did not intentionally do it on purpose. it was just a reflex. it has happened to alot of fighters that have fought in a ring.

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    first of all let me apologize for myself and a lot of people who ask questions on here for being fight many people that post on here talk down to fans. well they have to remember they may be experts but it is freakin YAHOO so they should just chill and ignore us. to answer your question my opinion is that fedor is one of the best but two things are holding him back. one he does not fight often enough and two he has not really been challenged in the US yet even though he has fought some tough competition in japan.

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    there right alot of people dont know who he is or dont care remember alot of fans only watch UFC and believe if yout not in the ufc your nothing

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    I never heard of him!

    Many of us who STUDY and PRACTICE martial arts can't be bothered with that TV crap.

    Instead of using yourtube, why don't you READ A BOOK instead?

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