Why does the media give John McCain a pass on the pathetic, disgraceful things that he says and does?

This week alone:

He called the Social Security system a disgrace - not that there were current funding problems that were disgraceful, but rather that the system's historic method for funding was a disgrace.

He told an interviewer in Pittsburgh that when a POW and questioned by interrogators as to his combat superiors, he recited the Pittsburgh Steelers' defensive line. In every other recitation of this story and in his book, it was the Green Bay Packers' defensive line. This is an important issue, as in his book, he used that as an example of why torture does not result in factual information, a position he reversed earlier this year, in giving support to the Bush administration's pervasive use of torture.

He continued to support his advisor and campaign co-chair Phill Gramm after Gramm called Americans whiners for complaining about losing their homes and the price of gas, and further said there was only a "mental" recession that was all in their heads.

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    because he is an ex-POW - that means we must forgive him of all negative things that my occur during this race.......I think that's the new definition of patriotism....giving McBush a free pass!

  • canam
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    1 decade ago

    Obviously you are not on social security or you would see it is a disgrace. You have no idea the bureaucracy in just choosing a health care provider to add to medicare. And the number of drug addicts and alcoholics who have never worked a day who get social security disability. As far as anything he has to say about POW, lets face it, hes an expert on that subject having been in captivity for 5 long years. Phil Gramm's remarks are not McCains to defend. Many people do not agree, that does not mean they have to sever all ties with them. Lets not nit pick, both sides have had members of their campaigns say things that were not popular, why hang it on the candidates? It only takes away from the real issues.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Of course he does get a free pass. The Republicans are killing us with this type of attitude, waving the flag as they back stab us. all they care about is that the corporations make money, money that is not trickling down to the rest of us. He just admitted that we are fighting for oil in Iraq but these drones so called Republicans just care about the rich and the other half being the one issue church goer, who doesn't even understand the process but wants abortion abolished without looking at the catastrophe we are leaving behind us.

  • GWB
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    1 decade ago

    The social security system is a disgrace.

    We treat our older people like **** and give them zip to live on.

    The man spent 5 years as a POW, what have you done?

    The USA has a bad record for treatment of Vets and older people.

    Unless you have been in combat, you do not know!

    I am a three tour 39 months combat vet!

    I had to fight the USA from 1971 to 2004 to get what I had coming.(money)

    I am disabled from combat, not play tv games!

    I was 93 days MIA, not missing at home.

    So, again, what have you done!

    Maybe get my post removed like all you talkers do!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    First of all, McCain is right about Social Security and I am glad SOMEONE has the stones to bring this issue out into the open. SS is a failure waiting to happen and I am tired of being forced to pay my tax dollars into a program that will never support me.

    I have no idea what you are talking about with that football reference, you are ALL OVER THE PLACE on that one.

    And Phil Gramm is right too, and you question proves it. You are the biggest whiner here. Only idiots who were stupid enough to take bad loans are losing their homes - they don't deserve to get bailed out or helped. And I am dealing with rising food prices and gas prices by driving less and growing more of my own fruits and vegetables as well as budgeting for my necessities more carefully. All of this was done without complaining. You should learn something from this example.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hello! He's a politician! It's in his nature to lie. He actually lies less than most though. The absolute worst seems to be the Clinton's (both Hillary and Bill). I don't think either one of them are capable of telling the truth about anything. They lie even when they don't need to. Anyway back to the subject at hand. McCain is politician, therefore he is almost required to lie. If he didn't lie he wouldn't have gotten as far as he has. Believe it or not people actually want to be lied to. If you tell people the truth they get mad at you because they can't handle it. If you lie to them they are happy unless they find out you lied. So your chances are better with the lie. This doesn't apply to all aspects of life. I'm only referring to public officials and people in the extreme spotlight.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Your in the minority most find what the man says to be the

    truth. Let me help you with something. As a POW in the same

    war John Was. We just had a annual meeting of various groups. And to the number of 98%. we all backed John

    McCain. And there will be a endorsment coming very soon.

    So please don't speak for us. we are perfectly capable of

    doing that ourselves. But nice try though.

    Source(s): SOCOM, SGM/ret.18z97z 30 years service.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Relating to the Pittsburgh Steelers remark. Why are everyone beating around the bush? McCain is showing signs of senility (mental impairment characterized by confusion, memory loss ,etc). I'm not saying that as a joke, His mental faculties are very questionable. I don't think he is lying its more likely he is confuse.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    LMAO, now THATS funny. If John McCain would have said or done just HALF of what Obama has gotten away with he would have been railroaded out of the country.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    LOL! Mccain hasn't done anything wrong. It is Obama that has lied his butt off all week! Voters think so too as Mccain has caught him in the polls. Have you already forgotten the Jackson and Clark dirty tricks?

    Source(s): Obama lied about welfare reform, Iraq, Iran, the 2nd Amendment- just in the last week!
  • maddog
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    1 decade ago

    and Obama did not get a free pass on the Rev Wright issue? He should have been forced to withdraw from the race for president on that one. Instead, he defended Rev Wright for being his "Mentor". EXCUSE ME???? The man is a vile racist filthy scumbag piece of human waste who bashes Israel, (JEWS) Italians (calling them garlic noses) Irish people and most of all White Americans for all of the black communities problems. Somehow, it is my fault because I am a white American Jew that so many black teenagers in the USA get pregnant. If some misguided teen spreads her legs for her boyfriend and gets knocked up its MY FAULT????

    This is indefensible and nobody in their right mind would ever support Obama for President since he remained a member of that disgusting hate mongering cult of a "church" for 20 yrs whle KNOWING it was lead by a piece of trash such as Rev Wright.


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