What are good skateboard trucks and what are good skateboard bearings?

I am a street skater. And tell me what bearings are good other than swiss.

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    1 decade ago
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    Independents and Bones are the best

    you can't beat companies that've been around over a couple decades

    since the ceramics from bones are bit expensive the reds are a good choice of bearings to buy since they're cheap, ride smooth, and last fairly long if u take care of them.

    if you're willing to spend around $40 for bearings get the swiss's because they'll be worth the money

    check out independent :http://www.independenttrucks.com/

    check out bones bearings: http://bonesbearings.com/

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    I always recommend until you know exactly what you're looking for in bearing to just pickup some Bones Reds. They are dirt cheap and some sturdy bearings. Remember, higher abec rating doesn't always equal higher quality for skating.

    For trucks, there are a ton of different options and it really depends how hard you skate, what you skate and the feel like like.

    For more information about skateboard products check out http://youringredient.blogspot.com

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    What are good skateboard trucks and what are good skateboard bearings?

    I am a street skater. And tell me what bearings are good other than swiss.

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    5 years ago

    Hello :)

    As these other guys stated it all depends on what you will be doing with you trucks, as well as the size of your wheels and deck.

    I think that independents are the best truck you can buy - I always get the silver stage tens.

    - They have a really wide hangar, meaning that there is more space to grind on than other trucks.

    - The come with soft bushings, making it easy to turn

    - They look great

    - They grind like butter! Smoothest truck i have ever grinded, especially once they've been worn in a little.

    - They are affordable, and last FOREVER; I have gone through 3 decks on the same trucks, and they are still perfect, and grind better every day. Don't even look like breaking any time soon

    In regards to the height of the truck, it is important to determine which height suits you. I ride mids, because I feel nicely centered and its feels like my pop is not too 'heavy' as it would be with lows, as more of the deck is contacting the ground, or to light as it does with highs.

    This is not to say that you will feel the same way. Low trucks are usually better for manuals and ledge tricks, high trucks for bowls and vert ramps, and mids covers both. This dosent mean you cant skate ledge and manual pads with mids - i think tricks feel better on mids and it seems just as easy to balance.

    Nowadays, it is important to go fast and big - the best skateboarders are getting gnarlier all the time. i think you should all but rule out high trucks, and definitely consider getting mids over lows, as this will give you more speed through bigger wheels, smoother turns and more stability, as well as the ability to skate the occasional bit of transition or ramp.

    Make sure that the truck is the same width or a tad smaller than your deck, otherwise you will get wheel bite or find that your trucks are too small and it will be hard to grind and turn.

    Overall, i think the indy's are an amazing truck - strong, versatile, smooth and fast, cheap and durable.

    These are the ones i have, in silver - 8.25 to suit my 8.375 deck, but i ride them with an 8.25 as well.

    Go indy, and never go back! By the independent stage tens, chuck them on, and go grind!

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  • 4 years ago

    My favorite trucks are krux. I've been skating for 3 years and I have had my krux for about 6 months and I've grinded the **** out of them and they work great. Don't buy cores I broke a pair in a day. Krux have a version of trucks with a kingpin that you tighten with an allen key so as to prevent it from catching on ledges. The best bearings I've had were bones swiss ceramics but they're expensive. for the price, go with bones redz.

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    Good Cheap Trucks

  • 1 decade ago

    Krux for trucks, and Lucky ABEC 7's for bearings

  • 1 decade ago

    good trucks are either destructos or tensors, destructos are little bit heavier than tensors but tougher, tensors are lighter but not as tough. Good bearings other than bones swiss are, bone reds

    although black panthers spin about the same but are supposedly smoother.

  • 1 decade ago

    bones reds are good

    swiss are actually the best tho

    but bones are just as good

    ninja bearings are also good

    and for good trucks, go with venture, silver, independent, or destructo

  • 1 decade ago

    well for bearings reds are the closest to swiss and bout 10$

    trucks tensor magnesiums, independant, destructo, krux, and venture are pretty good

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