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Anonymous asked in SportsFootball (American) · 1 decade ago

Something u kids under 18 might not know about Allen Iverson?

If Allen Iverson was the Virginia state player of the year in both football and basketball in his JR year....In 1993 he went to jail and all of his football offers were takin away so he played basketball.

What kind of impact could he have made if he went to Kentucky to play football? Do u think he could be All Pro? What position do u think he would have played?

check the high school video out


Sam H wassup, Allen and Vick went to different high schools. They are from the same hometown Newport News but Allen went to school in Hampton close by. Vick grew up going to see him play and got his style from Iverson. He said it himself.

Update 2:

Did anyone else see him returining kicks?

He holds the Virginia record for interceptions in a game with 7. Defensive back?

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    1 decade ago
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    Who are these people saying Iverson is small? Yeah he's small when you line him up next to Shaq and the other 6'10" freaks in the NBA, but AI's six feet, just as tall as Marvin Harrison and about slightly less than average for an NFL wide receiver.

    AI is one hell of an athlete, but I think basketball is his game. I'm sure he could have had a great college football career, just like Ronald Curry, Charlie Ward, Woody Dantzler or Michael Vick, but he never would've done anything in the pros. He had great athletic ability but not much of the other things that make truly great football players.

    By the way, Ohio State fans, noticing any similarities here between this kid and your precious Terrelle Pryor?

  • Sam H
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    1 decade ago

    i have heard about this. iverson played QB and went to the same high school as mike vick. They both played for the same coach and that coach said that the best football player he had ever seen was Allen Iverson.

    It's hard to say how good he would have done. I think he would have been an exciting college QB, but i'm not sure if he could have succeded at the QB postition in the pros due to his short stature. maybe he would have been great, but who knows. there have been many great high school players that didn't turn out to be great pros.

    Edit: okay people, the man is 6 ft. tall. he isn't THAT short at all. In fact, he is taller than steve smith (wtf Joshua K?). He's just too short to play QB in the pros.

    Edit number 2: oops. my bad. ha. i got some bad info from somebody. but i do know that people that saw them both play agree that Iverson was better.

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    He would have been a decent college reciever (maybe) and would have never made it to pro's. He is way too small to play pro football. Of course there are exceptions (Steve Smith is the only one) but even Smith towers over A.I.

    If he did play football he would have to play reciever because any other position would be too physically demanding. (You get hit more)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ha ha.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Wanna know something else? He is a criminal.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well no shi*

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